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How dangerous is pouring test into the back of a syringe as opposed to drawing it?


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I normally draw with 18-20 g needles but I'm currently out and was wondering how dangerous it would actually be to pour test E into the back of my syringe instead.

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EDIT: Will ONLY be doing it for one injection. Not the rest of my cycle
This doesn't sound feasible unless you are using amps. You don't want to open your vial leaving the rest of your test exposed. That said, you can probably do it, but it seems more reasonable to just get more needles.
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you wouldn't pour it bro. you would squirt it into the syringe you are using to inject then people the plunger back in.
Not dangerous at all especially if you’re using ampules. If not, then the problem is exposing the rest of the test to oxygen which would degrade it a lot faster.
Back loading is not advisable.. You don't want to brake the sterile seal/environment due to cross contamination factors by removing the plunger.. Even if you think your surrounding area is clean, with preparation, there is still a risk..
If you're using singular mL needles, just purchase different tips.. I use 1mL needles 27g with a 18-20g to drawl.. They're cheap and extremely inexpensive!

Buy different tips its not that hard and it's legal!
I'll say this again: if you've the money to buy steroids and you're gonna put drugs into your body AND you took the time and trouble to ask us on here for advice what's the damned problem with doing this properly?

This is what you're supoosed to do:

1. Decide to (for example) add strength using PEDs to support the program
2. Select the best PEDs for the job
3. Buy them (preferably from a sponsors
4. Buy enough syringes and pins to draw up and inject the PEDs
5. Buy support stuff like alcohol wipes, sharps bin (or keep using the one you have if it's not full).
6. Make sure you have ancillaries on hand like your AI and PCT (refer to our stickies / remind yourself if need be)

Do ALL of the above BEFORE you start the cycle.

Begin the cycle.

None of this I ran out, or I only use X when my nipples are lactating, can I drink my roids as I don't want mummy to find out I'm doing drugs (PS:I'm 12) / I don't like needles etc etc. Yeah I'm half joking ;) (only half mind)
"Backloading" is not an uncommon process especially for using a slin pin for daily injections. Just realize it does increase the chances of contamination. Just exercise extra caution.
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