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How long b4 winstrol an cardarine really start becoming noticed??


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Quick question fellas:

I'm running winstrol tabs 10mg pills at 6 a day. I was splitting them up and taking them 2 in the AM/ 2 at lunch/ 2 in the PM right b4 my workout with my pre-workout. I've changed this to 3 in the AM/ 3 in the PM right b4 workout with pre-work out. In either case I've been trying to take these b4 meals even though sometimes I do end taking them with or close to my meals. Is this ok?

My next compound is cardarine. Which I've read a lot about on here even though I've never taken it.
I'm doing 20mg (1ml) per day as suggested on here. I take it mid-morning b4 snack. I take under the tongue. Does this sound ok?

I'm on day 4. And I'm hearing that I should be be starting to notice things. Does this sound right???
I'm no stranger to gear but I've never tried these 2 compounds. I just hope I haven't burnt my receptors previously or I'm not doing this right? Please let me know if u see anything wrong and when I might see these noticeable changes or reactions I've heard about. Thanks
With winstrol, you should be noticing the effects by the end of the first week or beginning of the second week. For cardarine, it takes approximately 2 weeks to fully kick in. But this is very individual, and it may take you a bit more or less to feel those effects.
cardarine should be swallowed man.. not held under tongue!! although both ways would work just down the shit and chase with water

also i hope you got your cardarine from sarms1

the endurance benefits of cardarine I notice right away.. if you don't notice it either your GW is fake or you simply haven't been working out long enough to know the difference

fat loss with cardarine kicks usually by month 2 on cardarine in my experience, but it works so much better when you actually exercise.. we know from studies the more you exercise the more results you will experience X3
Yeah, I can take cardarine in the morning before a big run and i can completely tell a change on my endurance. It's pretty nuts. It's hard to say when I noticed weight loss on it as I was cutting really hard. So it seemed pretty quick.
You don't need to take the cardarine under your tongue. Measure out your dosage with the dropped in the vial, squirt it into your mouth, swallow, and then chase with coffee/juice/water.

Your dosages and how you are taking them look great.

I would take both the cardarine and winstrol with meals though. They can cause indigestion in some people when taken on an empty stomach.
With winny you will notice within a week. You are running a good dose so I suspect you should see some things soon. Cardarine I notice after only a few days as far as the endurance effects. With the fat loss it is different depending on diet. Some people see it after 2 weeks, and some 4 weeks. Just keep with it and you will get there.
Thanks fellas, just completed 1 week on both. Haven't noticed cardarine kicking in yet. But from what I see here looks like I got another week.
Yes I got it from sarms. I just started noticing more muscle hardness so I hope the fat loss gains are right around the corner. I don't have much luck loosing fat. My body type is very easy to gain strength and size but also fat. But when it's time to cut, it never goes well.
I've never tried cardarine so I was going off some info given to me a long long time ago. Obviously bad info as far as the way I'm taking it. But that's why I love these forums, and I really appreciate the help. Gives me some information on timing when I can expect this stuff to work. Thanks so much
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