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How much bloating to expect from Tbol?


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Another question about turinabol – let us see if you can clarify to me this question. Does turinabol cause water retention? I told a friend of mine who is very knowledgeble about juice, that I want to cycle tbol, and he said that he would rather go with anavar because tbol causes water retention. To what extent does thee tbol cause water retention?
Tbol doesn't cause Water Retention, as it doesn't Aromatise.

But if you are running it with Test, and I assume that you are.

The Test does Aromatise, so you need to be careful with your Diet, and get your AI Dosage correct................ JP
I don't understand why people say it causes water retention???

i have used it and have had no such thing happen, plus every legit literature i have seen online says it does not. where are you guys who say it aromatizes getting your info from? would love to see it
Tbol does not aromatize into estrogen, so it just can not cause bloating or water retention. If someone tells you a different thing, he either got fake Tbol and got bloated himself, or he is poorly informed. On the other hand, of you stack it with other steroids, you can expect a certain degree of water retention cause by the other steroids.
Assuming you have legitimate tbol - there will be no bloating. Tbol does not aromatize into estrogen so side effects like water retention are impossible.

Tbol is heavily faked with dbol though so make sure to order from a reputable source.
Tbol from napsgear will give you water retention as well as itchy nipples and scalp. Hmm

Roidmass is good shit tho
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