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How much has higher dose tren affected your strength gains?


Growing Brother
Say I have these doses, each with 1,000mg of test/week as a base, and then I can dose tren in these ways:

Tren, 400mg/week

Tren, 600mg/week

Tren, 800mg/week

Tren, 1000mg/week

How has upping the dosage of tren affected your gains?

The most I've done is 700mg/week, and the effects were extremely noticeable.

However, I'm wondering if greater tren would lead to more gains. Would 1000mg/week really provide many more gains than 600mg/week?
i have no experience with tren but i guess there would be a point of diminishing returns as you increase the dose in terms of gains/sides so thats something to consider if you're thinking of upping the dose
I am now running tren ace 3 times a week at 100 to 150 mg along with mast ace at same mg and test prope same mg and 3 times ed strength is thru the roof,but I have been told by users who run tren ace or enathate with test,that any more tren above 800-1000 is a waste,plus it can hurt for a long time after injection.
I have never felt the need to go over 500 and I only did that for 2 weeks lol. A sweet spot I think is around 3-350 IMO

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Making me want it lol

The VENOMpharma courses through my veins daily... Need a reference?
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