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Veteran Thread How much protein do you need to build muscle? The Protein Confusion

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A lot of that protein is most likely being utilized as conversion to glucose depending on your cal intake on that given day.
This would be the case if you were fasting or in a severe carb deficit. I feel like if your body is converting protein to glucose for energy you are probably in a catabolic state or close to it.
if you are overweight you need to completely revamp things and not follow what this or that bodybuilder does
Mostly, we don’t get enough exercise.
i've seen the data on this and a lot of people would be shocked

the USA has more gyms, yoga studios, sports complexes, school sports then every other country combined and more. we are actually a very very exercise obsessed country

go to any city in america and there seems to be a gym on every corner

you are expected to play a sport, just ask anyone no matter their age what sport you play or what sport did you play. people will say football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, track, etc. i see a lot of fat people at the gym on treadmills and doing cardio every single day who stay fat.

but we also eat more than any other country and consume EVERYTHING more than every other country. food portions in america are like 4x more than other countries.

let's take the blue zones for example. do they really exercise more than us? they garden, they walk around town. but they don't do rigorous exercise ever like we do in america. they don't play organized sports either. they don't burn the calories we do from exercise that is for sure.

the trick is they eat way way less than we do though and their diets are completely different. we are talking 2 meals a day at most and tiny portions. meanwhile in america its huge breakfast, brunch, huge lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack and snack. and if you don't get 300g of protein a day you are a wimp vegan who should get flamed. that is the difference
I started to discuss this issue with @Mobster in his trenbolone log thread, here was my explanation:

... you need higher protein during a cutting cycle. You will lose more bodyfat and keep more muscle mass as you take in high protein. The science backs this concept very clearly.

Clinical trials with various designs have found that HPD induces weight loss and lowers cardiovascular disease risk factors such as blood triglycerides and blood pressure while preserving FFM.

......HPD-induced weight loss involves an increase in satiety and energy expenditure. Increased satiety is believed to be a result of elevated levels of anorexigenic hormones, decreased levels of orexigenic hormones, increased DIT, elevated plasma AA levels, increased hepatic gluconeogenesis, and increased ketogenesis from the higher protein intake. Protein is known to increase energy expenditure by having a markedly higher DIT than carbohydrates and fat, and increasing protein intake preserves REE by preventing FFM decrease
HPD = high protein diet

Effect of a High-Protein Diet versus Standard-Protein Diet on Weight Loss and Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome: A Randomized Clinical Trial

....participants with more adherence rate in the HPD group lost significantly more weight than adherent participants in the SPD group.
I found that low protein diets produce bad results for bodybuilding. I think it's across the board fact. Of course we can argue the little details in studies but fact remains you need protien to grow protein (muscle is protein basically).

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well, I eat about 300-400grams of protein per day and I'm a professional bodybuilder, if you want big mass or to cut you need protein bro.
protein is required no matter what is said and low protein is bad because you dont absorb all and you dont get enough.
If you're sitting on couch go low protein, if you doing 1-2 hours at the gym protein is a must have.
I think the body utilizes something around 98% of the nutrients it ingests. The issue with excess protein is not whether it will absorb and utilize it at all, but what will be done with it. For normally functioning human beings excess protein creates basically no stress to the organs. It will either be used as energy or it will be stored as energy (fat.) The upside to excess protein vs fat or carbs is that your body is less able to store it as fat (marginally) than it is the other two, and the conversion process of protein into energy is calorically expensive.

That said, your current approach is, in my opinion, absolutely correct. All I am saying is that if you had to eat excess calories in one of the three macros, protein is probably least bad.

I don’t know how much protein we can absorb for “good” purposes in each sitting. One of the problems is that the human mind thinks in meals, or sittings, while the body just plugs along. It’s probably wise, especially in an enhanced state, to err toward 1g/lb a day, and to do it in a way in which the body has more of a constant flow than all of it at one time.
No. We're not excreting 2% when, to put it crudely, we piss it or shit it out.

There's a confusion in the terminology and said confusion allows for statements like 300g of protein etc.

Key phrases would be:

Transit time (time taken to pass through the gut). Too quick is bad (see several medical conditions)
Digestion (the breaking down of food)
Assimilation (into the blood stream to go where it MIGHT be needed)
Utilization (actual use)

Plus of course conversion (into fat) and having that then stored as excessive fat.

For example the so-called amino acids intravenous drips (by passing the gut etc) do NOT mean that all of those aminos are used in the body
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If you're sitting on couch go low protein, if you doing 1-2 hours at the gym protein is a must have.
Again it's in the detail. Time at a gym vs work done there. Low intensity vs high and so on. Even then the amounts of grams required do not differ as much as people think
Again it's in the detail. Time at a gym vs work done there. Low intensity vs high and so on. Even then the amounts of grams required do not differ as much as people think
How about with PED use? I would imagine that in extreme cases the body could assimilate twice as much or more? GH and test together probably require much more protein.
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