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how much sun for vitamin D is really needed?

Ephraim Cámaroa

New member
My buddy claims that we need like two hour a day of sun to make vitamin D or we die, I always thought we needed more like 2hrs per week. How much sun do you guys get send how important is the vitamin D making really?
Your friend is actually right. You don't need to full on sun tan for 2 hours but you need exposure to sunlight for 90-120 minutes per day for your body to produce all the vitamin D it requires.

That's why vitamin D is such a popular supplement and recommended by so many doctors. Especially for people in winter climates.

I recommend vitamin D supplementation for all my clients during the winter months. 5000iu/day for males and 3000iu/day for females.
For those with psoriasis, alcohol can irritate the skin but vitamin D can be very beneficial. The recommended doses and max dosage i found to be all over the map. One site claimed a single dose of 250,000iu is fine. I personally take 30,000iu almost everyday. I get bloods done every 3 months and my levels are still in the normal range. Also, since i live in Miami Florida, i catch some sun on the beach when i have time. I think 5,000 is a safe dose for anyone. If you have a reason to take more, i can say without a doubt that 30,000iu/day for me has been safe but i wouldn't take that much if i didn't see a real benefit and if my blood levels showed an excessive level.

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The thing is that the excess vitamin D gets washed out, hence the normal blood works in spite of the high Vitamin D dosages. Try it out yourself - try supplementing yourself with just 5000, and you will see that blood work won't change one bit.
Gallon a day and viatim d may not be the key to ur fitness success.... It's okay to know the pathology of things but keeping it simple works wonders too.
Checked with my doc today, she said Vitamin D is fat soluble and doesnt get washed out, that's the problem....but other vitamins do. So its important if you supplement Vitamin D to keep the dose low...or get levels checked. I haven't done much research on this..i just know at 10,000iu a day it did a pretty good job on psoriasis and at 30,000iu it eliminated it to the point where you barely remember its there. I would suggest trying it for anyone with any of the similar skin issues...just get bloods done and make sure your levels are good.

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