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Approved Log HSC318 Testosterone Trenbolone cycle log part 2

I totally believe that you are extremely strong based on your pictures. you have a wine body
Week 4 day 3, reload week

Deadlift 2rm w/reverse bands
Worked up to a top set of 1x2 @ 725lb

SSB Good mornings
3x4 @ 300lb

Single leg 45 degree back extension 3x8e
Standing Kettlebell hip lift 3x10e
Reverse hyperextension 3x30seconds
120 calorie row on rowing machine

I like it bro
After your deadlift workout, consume a meal or snack rich in protein and carbohydrates to aid in muscle recovery. This can include a protein shake, a turkey sandwich, or a balanced meal.
Week 5 Day 1, peak week

Back squat
Worked up to 2x1 @ 495lb then 2x1 @ 505lb

SSB Good mornings
3x4 @ 320lb

Kickbacks 3x12 superset with quad extensions 3x15
Lunges 3x200ft
GHD 3x10
Week 5 day 2

Push press speed reps
5x3 @ 155lb against bands

Strict press
1x3 @ 215lb
1x3 @ 235lb
1x2 @ 245lb
1x1 @ 250lb
1x1 @ 255lb

Incline DB bench 3x8
Incline Rear delt row 3x12
Hammer curls/drag curls 3x10
Tricep press down 3x15
Pec deck 3x15
@Hsc318 255lbs nice one and you went up pyramid is strong keep going
I used to be strong like that when I was younger enjoy it
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