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Approved Log Hybrid Athlete HRT Log

This is my cycle for the next 12-16 weeks.
300 Mast Enanthate
300 Test Enanthate
300 NPP
3IU HGH 5/2 before workout.
40mcg IGF-1 LR3 after lifting workout only.
50mg proviron
10mg Cialis before lifting workouts only

The IGF will be used 4 weeks on 2 weeks off.

The NPP is amazing stuff bro. My shoulder feels great. Without it it is so irritating.
Much more advanced cycle than anything I’ve ever ran, but it looks great. I wish you the best of luck. With this boards guidance I think I’ll put 200-300 NPP in my June blast.
I’ve only ran 2 cycles and I’m a little nervous to try any 19-nor. How much NPP do you run? I’d love to throw it into my next blast, I’m just very nervous about bp and mental sides. Seeing as you have experience with it, how does it affect you? From what I’ve read and seen it seems to put on a lot of tissue.
if you run nandrolone then run proviron with it
nice job I haven't heard the term hybrid athlete used much
i know ironmen are those who run, swim and bicycle
can you post some pictures of you swimming
I've done some swimming against the current it's not easy
try swimming against a Riptide
that will definitely kill you
monster wants to know where you swim
sometimes I swim in the ocean I live on an island off of Portugal
I live far north in the U.S so it’s very cold most of the year. Long swims in summer I like a few smaller lakes, can do 1-2 miles in just a few laps. Unfortunately local lap pools in the cold months, but I don’t enjoy lap swimming.

That must be a beautiful area to live.
My view of what a hybrid athlete is:

Strong and muscular in nature with an extremely powerful cardio output capacity. Moderately strong with wide shoulders big arms, small waist.
I gotta say I think your going to have an incredible body after you get a few decent cycles in you. Do you ever think about powerlifting?
29 years old you are in the prime of your recovery phase
make sure you don't overtrain and keep pushing hard
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