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Trusted Hybrid Labs (aus domestic) - announcements


AU Bro
It's things like this that have made you my go to, add in the fact you were the only source that took the time and went through how to set up a crypto wallet and then how to use that crypto to pay for an order, all the while sending me pictures of what buttons to push and where on the screen they were located. This is why I will always hit you up first for anything I need, Thank you for both an amazing service and am amazing product.
In addition to first order this week I had Another smooth as sink delivery from hybrid, can feel the tren a working it’s magic as I sail past the girls at the gym. Great operators
Hey boys,

Most of us know us and have seen our review thread. Just wanted to create this thread for our stock updates and other announcements such as specials etc. We do send out these updates to our threema list also.

Our contact details:
Wickr: bigcleanman
Session: 05af81494e6921b22fcae25d9990f7fc158ffd267561cd120ec3973c79819bd118

Our review thread:
Hey guys just wondering if you use any strong solvents like guaicol in your DHB ?
Hey guys just wondering if you use any strong solvents like guaicol in your DHB ?
The dhb has a small amount of guaicol in it. Dhb does hold at 100mg/ml without solvents, but it crashes extremely easy. Any slightly cold weather will crash it. So the small amount of g just prevents the crashing.
New in stock:

Tren e 200mg/ml jugs: $250🟢

Compounding Pharmacy Range:

Cialis 5mg x 25 caps: $50🟢
Viagra (coming soon)
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