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Hypertrophy training vs. old school training


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I wanted to get your opinion in regards to training intensity and schedule..
I've been doing 1 body part/week for as long as I can remember..
I came across a Hypertrophy training that involves a full body WO 3 times/week, I'm attaching the routine for your review.
In this routine the science behind is that your muscles will recover fully after 36 hours and you can train again within 48 hours.
What's intriguing about it is the number of sets are just 1 warm up set and 1 full working set at 80% of your max.. is that even enough?
They claim after the 10-12 rep set at 80% of your max any additional set just burn calories and are not beneficial for growth...

My question is... What do you find more beneficial for muscle growth? not fat burning
Train muscle group once per week?
Train muscle group 2X/Week.. Monday and Thursdays for example
Full body routine 3x times per week with a day off in between, Sat & Sundays off
Full body routine every other day without taking 2 days off in a row..

Any advise as to what has worked for you would be appreciated.


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I don't think that you can Build much Muscle with this.
This is a Beginners Program - Not even an Intermediate.

When I was a Powerlifter in the late 60's and through the 70's.
My Training was Pretty much a Full Body Workout, but it would put that Workout to Shame.

If you're looking for a Good way to Spur New Muscle Growth.
Go with a Superset Split Routine, it'll hit each Body Part twice a week.
If you're on Cycle, you can go 3 Days on, and 1 Day off.
Off Cycle you would go 3 On and 1 off followed by 3 On and 2 Off, and then repeat................................... JP
And are they Serious with that Lack of Ab Routine
2 Sets of 10 ?
I wouldn't even Bother.
I haven't done a Set of 10, even with a 45 Lb Plate on my Chest on an Incline Board.
Since I was 19, and even then, it was 2 - 45 Lb Plates
bro for muscle growth...HEAVY LIFTING less reps close to max....really slow with negatives....hardcore heavy = growth....
I have been implementing a variation of push/pull/legs for a while now

but I change it up.. it works for me better than any other program.

you need to find what works best for YOU. IMO I am not a fan of full body workouts everyday for men looking to get stronger or build muscle mass. I like to wreck muscle groups and allow them to rest while you are wrecking other groups
im going to have to say no on that one bro... continuously shocking your body is what brings growth but you actually have to WORK the muscle too... think about your back for example... you know how many areas you have to hit to really get a back workout in? you won't do that in 30 minutes if you REALLY want to get it... quality, quantity, type frequency, intensity, range, etc... all of these factors and many more come into play with training bro...
I like to switch things up regularly think this keeps body guessing
I'd recommend a pull/push/legs/rest/repeat kind of split. 2x a week frequency is superior to hitting each body part once a week.
do both. a few weeks of one style and than switch to the other.

Dont do the same thing for long periods of time. That will slow your muscle building process. Anytime your body gets use to the damage you do to your muscles, your body will learn. Keep it guessing.
bro for muscle growth...HEAVY LIFTING less reps close to max....really slow with negatives....hardcore heavy = growth....

I agree in particular with HEAVY LIFTING or intensity (note lots of people don't understand what intensity is, check out Dorian's blood and guts series altho not perfect). Also add cheating or "powering" up movements so you can crank up a few more negatives. Keep on doing compounds and progressing week by week by adding weight or if not possible, reps. 1 a week is alright but if you need a 2 a week programs you can do what Dave Tate did in "his best gains ever" program. Personally I am doing either 2 a week or 2 a day depending on how heavy my early sessions are. Follow a good strength program, my personal choice is 5/3/1 for bodybuilding or big but boring. And.. FOOD.
I've done workouts with one working rest pause set to failure per body part when I did DC training and had great success with it. Probably the most effective program I've used, but it's still structured very different than this. I'm not a fan of full body workouts, but so,e people swear by them. It's all about finding what works best for you. Everyone is different
Yeah what it says about anything over 12 reps of 80% of max not being beneficial is just wrong anyway. You could find much better regimen than this

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bro for muscle growth...HEAVY LIFTING less reps close to max....really slow with negatives....hardcore heavy = growth....

This is how I do it!
Not one set plan works for everyone and you gotta keep switching it up. Find what works for you.
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