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Veteran Thread I am back :)

Veteran Discussion
Well to me you look great. My wife only 5ft 2. The girls got lucky got my height and the mothers looks
haha thank you i appreciate that, at least it means i can look jacked more quickly because there's just less of me to fill out 😂 yeah your daughters won the lotto for sure
Glad to see you are back and getting everything sorted out.
Hello everyone, I am back after my little break. First off, sorry for leaving so abruptly and without explanation - I'm going to explain now what was going on. Just a warning it might be a little heavy.

As I'm sure you were all very aware, I was going through a pretty rough time with my mental health leading up to the break I took. I've had a tough go of it the past 6 months or so but refused to acknowledge the circumstances in my life and it lead to me essentially snapping. I recently lost my period due to stress alone, I thought I was going to have to go back to rehab (some loved ones pointed out it might be a good idea too, lol) and I really just gave up on myself completely. I haven't been to the gym in a month, haven't been eating, not even going to church or communicating with people at all... Fair to say it wasn't good. I thought it was best to remove myself from here for a bit until I sorted my shit out. To be honest, I wasn't really expecting to get anything sorted at all and just figured I'd let myself whither away.

This was until a couple days ago when I realized I can't continue living like that, I was already seeing things backfiring. I knew something needed to change for me to be a functioning human again. Then yesterday I had a pretty significant realization that my problem is I am self destructive and I allowed myself to get to that point by choice. Here comes the good news, though. I'd done some further thinking about specific, recurring issues and came to understand that the source of most of them is being under stress and not dealing with it. Did a little researching and went down a rabbit-hole do to with the nervous system, stress hormones, diet. It would take way too much explaining for this post and if you want to know specifics I'll give them, but basically I figured it out.

Anyway, I will be making some lifestyle changes to help heal my mental and physical health from now on, and I will be detailing that whole journey in a new log that I plan on keeping for the whole of 2024 so watch out for that.

I'm glad to be back :) thank you everyone for your concern and support, I really do appreciate it and I'm proud of the community we have on here. I will see y'all in the new log
great to see you
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