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I got scammed….need new source.

Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum but not new to the community.

Please feel free to check my list out that I posted under sources. I’m sure everyone can find something they like.
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G'day, mate! Why's your address right there on the website, huh? Your collection is a ripper, though!
Gday Harry, haha that must still be there from the shop setup. That's not our address though. And cheers, we have put in a lot of hard work to get it all up and running. We're adding Superdrol, TB-500, Semaglutide, Test Gold 250 ( I think this one will be popular, its a mix with 100mg Testosterone Hexahydrobenzoate, 100mg Testosterone Isocaproate & 50mg Testosterone Phenylpropionate) CJC, Halo, Free form HGH (which will be a bit cheaper then the Pharma grade stuff) Melanotan II and a few other goodies over the next few weeks. Most of our products are dosed higher then industry standard, so we are also releasing our Green Label soon with some cheaper prices and lower doses, at this point though we include BAC Solution for all oils complimentary. As it stands though with the 15% off for Crypto payments and the Buy any 3 Test E, C, or P and get 1 x Free + BAC Solution.. it knocks down the prices dramatically. Good for anyone who's looking to order a full cycle and happy to pay with Crypto. You can also pay using Bank Transfer though.. So, anyway. Happy shopping lads. We look forward to getting a few good reviews from you guys.

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