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I got scammed….need new source.

@primeozpharma ,I checked out wire,@A1Gen can't be found,think you had prime888 before though cones up as pending,is that yours as well.
Hey buddy! You may be using a different program? Username is definitely @a1gen - If you would like to forward me yours I'll be happy to add you. And yes prime888 was a temporary one we used on here when we posted our first post.
Can second this mate, also in Brissy myself and even with the crack down on express post havent had an issue with delivery.

have done a few orders through OZPharm and their products are G2G, on 600mg of test-e a week I'm 109 nmol/L Test and 3274 pnmol/L Free Test.

UGLOZ is a legend as well, supporting the Aus community well, using his HGH in particular and again can confirm via serum test that it's G2G.

I used to order via the dark web but since dealing with these lads on Evolutionary I'll never go back as you can trust most of the guys on here and not, their bullshit will get called pretty quick.
Hi mate, do you know where I can get pt 141 nasal spray for the missus, cheers
God dam I'll happy accept free samples for good reviews 🙃🙏 newbie here!!
I can personally vouch for Evo Genetics,have used his test E,tren E,masteron E,all with great good hands with Evo Genetics bro sent you a code and a link to all Aussie forum check it out.
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