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I need steroids

You gave me a link for mental help services. I don't have any mental health issues. I just need to use steroids to solve inferiority complex, which isn't a mental health issue. I just want to have a ripped body. :)

Use the link for the proper help. Now get lost
:rolleyes: Think the young lad might need some wise words from Yoda “I can’t teach him. The boy has no patience.”.. 23, 1/2 Eat right Train Harder.

You Must Unlearn what you have learned :cool: Good luck young fella , you'll learn one day :confused: One would hope .

"I Think i found the Right Forum :D"
If you have used steroids to build a good body, you wouldn't need to continue using steroids to maintain that body. Once the muscles are build with the help of steroids, you will be able to maintain the amount of muscles you built, even if you stop using steroids.

You used steroids, you built the body you desired. After that, you stopped using steroids, you recovered your natural testosterone production and maintained the built muscles.

I want to use steroids to accelerate the muscle growth process, not to become someone who looks like someone at Mr. Olympia. My goal is not going beyond genetic limits.

Then you don't need gear.
That’s kind of like when my kids would hold up four fingers and say”I’m this many”

Brother you need to totally rethink things.
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