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If you need to sleep then you need n2Sleep. Potent sleep agent by N2BM Nutrition.

What is n2Sleep?

N2Sleep is the potent sleep formula for the bodybuilder and it sold by the N2BM brand. This product is meant to help you get a restful night of sleep, even when you are having trouble falling sleep from using stims and fat burners during the day. Some of you guys that train at night know a good night of hard training can cause sleeplessness some nights. N2Sleep was specifically formulated to help you during those nights of occasional sleeplessness.
As with every single product that N2BM makes, this formula is strong and has several benefits not only for your sleep cycle but for your overall physique. Not just sleep better but look much better for it, getting a good night sleep every night you really need it.
As with every product these guys over at N2BM make you are guaranteed satisfaction or they will refund your cash. Every one of the N2BM formulas is very strong and made specifically for the bodybuilder and athlete that really needs

Why do Bodybuilders and Athletes use N2Sleep?

Occasional sleeplessness and insomnia can wreck your day and sometimes set of a chain reaction to ruin your week and N2Sleep is specifically designed to help you fall asleep when you need to.
Not only is missing a night of sleep a schedule killer but lack of sleep is very catabolic, you will lose muscle from not sleeping properly. N2Sleep was developed as your weapon to fight off occasional sleeplessness and make sure you can get restful and recuperative sleep when you need it most. With n2Sleep taking one(1) to two(2) capsules before bed you can have confidence you will wake up the next day feeling rested and ready to face your morning.

What causes sleeplessness?

There are many factors that can cause occasional sleeplessness. Bodybuilders and competitive athletes deal with many of the key factors that could cause occasional sleeplessness and they are:

-Using Trenbolone or any other heavy androgen.

-Working out at night close to bed time.

-Using stimulants and fat burners to lose weight.

-Caloric deficit diet like when cutting.

-Sleeping on a full stomach like when bulking.

-Diet heavy in proteins.

-Taking certain supplements close to bed time.

-Overall stress from balancing work, life and training.

-Overall anxiety about work, life and physique.

-Thinking about the mail man showing up in the morning.

This is just a short list of situations that can ruin a good night’s rest, which will cause you to have a terrible next day and can ruin your week. Not just your productivity is affected but your physique suffers too as not getting good sleep is very catabolic.

What is in n2Sleep that works so well to help you get recuperative sleep?

Each bottle of N2Sleep contains 60 capsules.
Each single capsule serving contains:
L-Theanine……………………………………….200 mg
GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)……..50 mg
Phellodendron Root (herb powder)…….50 mg
Mucuna Pruriens (15% extract)…………..50 mg
5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan)……………..25 mg
Melatonin……………………………………………..1 mg

How does each of the ingredients in n2Sleep work to help you deal with a sleepless nights?


This ingredient is an amino acid found in green tea that can actually help give the user a calming and relaxing effect. It has been used for decades to help soothe anxiety and relive stress. In the N2Sleep formula this ingredient is meant to help you reach a peaceful inner state so that you can prepare the mind to go into sleep mode. Unless you are feeling relaxed, sleep will be impossible and this is why a nice hefty dose of L-Theanine is used in n2Sleep.

GABA (gamma-Aminobutyric Acid)
This is a downer neuroamine created in your adult brain. It is responsible for important sedative effects in your brain structure and it is necessary to reach full relaxation. GABA helps to work against Glutamate which is the upper neurotransmitter in your brain. While Glutamate signals the cells to fire, GABA on the other hand works to inhibit never impulses.

GABA is also a key factor helping proper release of Human Growth Hormone during sleep after exercise. We all know that proper release of HGH during sleep time is vital for making quality gains.

In the n2Sleep formula GABA is meant to help you turn the switch “off”, so you actually fall sleep. It really does turn the switch to “sleep mode” when it is abundant in the brain. n2Sleep has a heavy dose of GABA to help you fall sleep even when you are restless and anxious.

Phellodendron Root (herb powder)

This herb has been used for decades in China and other parts of Asia to treat inflammation, reduce blood pressure. It has been used for its medicinal properties both ingested and applied right to the skin to reduce redness and inflammation. In the n2Sleep formula Phellodendron is being used to help promote the recuperative properties of sleep. The body repairs every night from the damage of training while it gets rid of toxic materials, and enhancing these processes is the main reason Phellodendron is used in the n2Sleep formula. A very effective serving of Phellodendron is added here since the product is meant to help you feel rested and repaired to train hard another day.

Mucuna Pruriens (15% extract)
Use of this herb is very widespread since it has displayed many benefits to humanity. It has been touted as a mood enhancer helping you relax and reach a peaceful mood as well as being a potent aphrodisiac. The main active ingredient in this herb is L-Dopa which has been the subject of many studies and has been known to have many key benefits such as being a potent growth hormone secretagogue.
In the N2Sleep formula, Mucua Pruriens really promotes the key benefits any Bodybuilder or strength athlete is looking for. This plant has found use in supplement formulas for its ability of promoting healthy sleep, while enhancing HGH release, while at the same time boosting Testosterone and libido. It is just a great ingredient to use in this mix for all of those reasons. It can truly be argued that Mucuna Pruriens is the perfect sleep aid for the athlete and bodybuilder that wants deep anabolic sleep.

5-HTP (5 Hydroxytryptophan)

Also known by the name of Oxitriptan, this ingredient is an amino acid and important chemical precursor. It has found use as a sleep aid because of its effect on serotonin with many users reporting being able to fall sleep faster and deeper when using this ingredient. In the n2Sleep formula this ingredient is meant to help you reach that restful phase of deep recuperative sleep that we need after weight training. Even on days where you are anxious from taking too many stims or just from the perils of life.


This is a hormone produced by the penial gland in the brain to help regulate sleep and wake cycles. Your body uses melatonin as the shutdown signal to get your brain sleeping. This hormone in your brain works in synch with your body’s own internal clock and its synthesis is even affected by the turns of day and night. Your body releases more melatonin when the day turns dark, or you are not sufficiently exposed to proper amounts of light.

In the n2Sleep formula, melatonin needs little introduction as it is a very potent ingredient that has been used very effectively by your own body to help humans fall sleep for ages.

Why n2Sleep could benefit you too:

You can get n2Sleep at and really keep it as the weapon by your side for fighting against the occasional sleepless night. Lack of sleep is very catabolic to your body, you need proper sleep to repair and grow. For those nights that are hard to get shuteye but you need to get up early and rested for morning training or just work and chores, rely on n2Sleep to come through and help you get rest when you need it.
This stuff really does work. I take it often and find myself sleeping through most of the night, whereas without it I wake up every 2 to 3 hours.
bro this is a good product, i have 2 pilot bottles i tested...slept great...
N2sleep is an awesome formula, and works really well. I have not tried the new formula yet, but will be very soon.
I always keep a bottle in my pantry and use as necessary. great stuff
Looking forward to the new formula and the new dspark , and some wtbm protein !
just got 2 btls of this yesterday cant wait to try
Damn.. I never have a problem sleeping, but I know plenty of guys that use it and love it
I just got my n2 sleep 2 bottles . How much is the dose guys are using while on a normal cycle normal meaning tren,test,mast ,I really want to sleep tonight ...Been a while
Not real thrilled with this product yet.I took 3 last night and had maybe 3 hours of sleep.Typically I can use a melatonin and a PM and lights out.I just wanted to get of the Tylenol PM .What dose are guys using out there?
Not real thrilled with this product yet.I took 3 last night and had maybe 3 hours of sleep.Typically I can use a melatonin and a PM and lights out.I just wanted to get of the Tylenol PM .What dose are guys using out there?

bro if you're taking tylenol pm that shit is hella addictive...i was hella taking otc sleep'll need at least 4-5mgs of melatonin to try to match up the effect of tylenol pm...imo tylenol pm is a nasty chemical addictive sleep aid bro....
That's why I got this n2 to off the pm I took 5 n2 last night and still feel I need more trying 6 tonight I guess it's cheaper to get ambien from my doc
Chamomile Tea is very popular. All natural, been used as a sleep aid for thousands of years, and has numerous additional benefits.

Other benefits of chamomile include:

Has anti-bacterial properties
Has anti-inflammatory properties
Can treat ulcers
Eases upset stomach
Can stop nausea
Can reduce anxiety
Eases heartburn
Reduces allergy symptoms
Can help prevent osteoporosis
May reduce the risk of cancer
Not real thrilled with this product yet.I took 3 last night and had maybe 3 hours of sleep.Typically I can use a melatonin and a PM and lights out.I just wanted to get of the Tylenol PM .What dose are guys using out there?

melatonin should be used at low dosages. a lot of n2sleep are relaxing herbs which help calm you down, this is important vs. just taking a bunch of melatonin and becoming dependent on it.

remember at sunset your melatonin goes up, and at sunrise it goes down. if you start fucking around with it then you may end up becoming addictive
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