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Igf-1 LR3 Blood Test Results


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Hi everyone- want to get some serious opinions on these blood tests results. 3 weeks into igf-1 lr3 peptide 5xweek 10 units insulin syringe. Results:

Igf1: 21 nmol/L (range 20-58)

Igf1: 38 nmol/L (range 20-58)

Both tests taken at 9:30 am

I know a lot of you think there is a lot of bunk igf1 out there but I live in Australia and my supplier is very very legit, so I would be astounded if you think this is bunk stuff. Anyway - please give me your opinions and let me know if you think this is bunk. Thanks as always evo

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I apologize on second date for you Americans: 08/27/15 ( we do it the other way round down under! )

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NB: for clarification the last test was taken on a thursday morning, cycle of igf has been run mon-fri and last dose before that blood test would have been circa Wednesday 5pm

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Is that 100% in your opinion? Ur my boy gear I trust you

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Bro no bs thats just my view...i dont know the lab well...but levels within range make no sense if it's legit...
Response from company

The peptides stimulate your somatotrophe cells in your pituitary gland to make more Growth Hormone. The GH stimulates the liver to make more IGF-1 (which is measured in the blood) and stimulates cells throughout the body to make more IGF-1 inside the cells for use inside the cell. This can not be measured, but can cause changes that you may feel - better sleep, improved mood, faster recovery from exercise or injury.

Increased blood levels of IGF-1 depend on more GH from the pituitary, and the liver reacting to this GH. If IGF-1 doesn’t increase, it can be because your pituitary hasn’t reacted to the peptides and released GH (age, trauma, radiation etc) or the liver hasn’t released IGF-1 (age, liver disease/dysfunction).

If you feel peptides have helped your body or mind, it’s worth continuing, regardless of the blood level.

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How long have you been taking the IGF? Also there are a few things that can truncate the affects of IGF levels being elevated like eating to soon before or after injection, having consumed any carbs or sugars within 30 minutes before or after injection.
Honestly you might consider running a ghrp/ghrh to stimulate GH pulses and see how ye IGF works. IGF is expensive and really out of all the peptides I believe it's one that in theory looks amazing but it needs to be ran with other peptides like PEG-MGF to see results. I believe in peptides but I also know you need to have solid sources.
If you truly want to see results from IGF-1 LR-3 you need to get what's called "Receptor Grade or Human Grade".
What you have is known as "Media Grade", and is Hit or Miss depending on the Manufacturer............................... JP
Receptor Grade IGF will set you back.
10 ~ 100 Mcg Vials start at around $280
The Real Difference between the 2 is Purity.
Most Media Grade is only around 59% purity.
Receptor Grade is between 95 and 98% purity.
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