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Important Information: the Basicstero Store, Ordering, Payment, Discounts, and Terms.


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Here are some details about the Basicstero store, ordering, payment, shipping, discounts, terms and conditions:

As stated in the Introduction Basicstero is the direct store of the Pharmacom Labs company, which means there are no re-sellers in the chain.
Please read the introduction sticky for more detail about our company, quality, and great products.

The main page of our store is

Generally, Basicstero has 3 Warehouses from which customers may choose to place an order (note: all products in an order must be selected from the same warehouse for the specific order).

W1: International Warehouse with direct shipping around the world is meant for our customers worldwide. Basicstero can ship to any country of the world. If you place your order from the International Warehouse, Basicstero ships your order directly from the production facility; thus, you are guaranteed to get 100% authentic Pharmacom Labs products at the best price. Basicstero offers a reship of your order for the second time free of charge if a pack is lost by the postal system or a seizure occurs.

W2: US Domestic Warehouse is meant for customers in the USA who want to get Pharmacom Labs products as soon as possible and without seizure risk. Stock from this warehouse ships from within the USA for any customers in the USA with zero risks, no customs, fastest processing, and a free reship in case of losses. (the US warehouse may have limited stock at times – please watch for posts and announcements regarding re-stock)

W3: Europe Warehouse is the European Warehouse with stock physically located very close to Europe or already in Europe. orders placed from this warehouse will be shipped from a country very near to Europe or from within Europe. There is a lower seizure risk shipping from a location in or near Europe and Basicstero will reship your order for the second time free of charge if any losses or seizure occurs.

The prices in the International Warehouse are the lowest as compared to the 2 other warehouses, because with the International Warehouse Basicstero bears no additional expenses for transport of products to the different physical locations of the other warehouses, issues with customs, and paying warehouse employees for all of their work, shipping, and risks etc. Prices for genuine Pharmacom Labs products cannot be found lower elsewhere; the Basicstero International Warehouse provides the lowest prices possible! Also, there are often promo offers for the International Warehouse.

Basicstero is the only direct from manufacturer Pharmacom Labs store.
Basicstero is Pharmacom Labs, NOT a reseller.
When ordering from Basicstero, customers can be confident they will receive genuine Pharmacom Labs products.
Please understand, other dealers, including official dealers, are retailers/resellers. Pharmacom Labs may have/had business arrangements with retailers/resellers but Basicstero is the direct from manufacturer store to purchase genuine Pharmacom Labs products.
Regardless of warehouse choice, Basicstero customers are always guaranteed 100% authentic Pharmacom Labs products!

Important: This source does not take orders via email.
If anyone tries to get you to place a new order via email or a site/link other than the official store, it may be a scam.


Please see the current payment options on the Basicstero site.
Basicstero accepts a variety of popular payment methods.
When placing an order there will be a shopping-cart on the site during the check-out-process and there a customer may select from the current available payment options before completing an order.

Basicstero "Submit Payment Info" Guide
Please see the guide linked here for step-by-step instructions of how to submit payment information on the Basicstero site:


Basicstero often provides discounts of different types, so follow our threads and announcements to get all the news!
• We provide many discounts including lifetime discounts for our devoted and constant customers (attached to the customer’s account in our store)!
• Independent of which section of our store you place an order you get 5% discount for orders over 500$ and 10% off for orders over 1000$ (excl. delivery).
• Basicstero provides up to 15% discount for all professional and competing athletes and for all military! However, we will ask you to provide evidence to get this type of a discount!
***Please NOTE: Discounts can stack and sum up to a maximum 15% limit total.

Basicstero has a Referrals System

To participate in our affiliate system you need only to invite new customers by using your personal reference link, which you find in your account >> dashboard >> referrals.
Send this link to your friends/colleagues, etc. After a new customer signs up he will be your referral!
For each order made by each of your referrals you get a reward equal to 5% of the order total of your referral. Your reward will be transferred to your account only after your referral`s order is paid and shipped!

There are no limits here! You can invite as many referrals as you want.
Here is an example: if you invited 3 persons.
Person 1 placed an order worth 300$. Your reward would be 300 * 5% = 15$
Person 2 placed an order worth 150$. Your reward would be 7.5$
Person 3 placed an order worth 800$. Your reward would be 40$.
Your total profit for all 3 referrals would be 15+7.5+40=62.5$

If these referrals place same orders after say 2 weeks, you will 62.5$ again on your account!
With enough referral you may not have to pay for gear at all! Make our store work for you!

Please read the "TERMS" and "FAQ" sections on the Basicstero website for more details.
Making a purchase from Basicstero indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions described on the Basicstero site (an order is not confirmed unless the terms are accepted).

Please do NOT confirm an order if you do not accept these terms.

Also, please be sure to follow the "NEWS" section on the Basicstero site for any updates to these terms, news, promos, and other important announcements.
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