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Injury Recovery Supplements

Hey Guys,
Where can I get high quality BPC 157 in Australia these days? Used to buy off a website that went bust..
Typical day (Sunday-Thursday)
7am 4x eggs + 2 wholemeal toast + black coffee (no sugar)
10am Banana + black coffee (no sugar)
12pm 250 grams chicken/beef/fish + 200 grams steamed veggies (spinach/zucchini/broccoli/Cauliflower)
2pm Black coffee (no sugar) + either a protein bar, 95 gram tuna or 2 wholemeal toast with vegemite
7pm Protein shake
8:30pm 250 gram chicken breast or thigh grilled + 200 grams seasonal steamed veggies (broccolini/zucchini/asparagus). Occasionally
9:30pm Cassein custard protein + sugar free jelly

Calories: 2,600-2,800
Protein: 200-220 grams
Carbs 170-200 grams
Fats: 80-100 grams

Friday/Saturday similar to above but I don't cook dinner (typically Thai or BBQ chicken and veggies)

Note: I was at 3,600 calories prior to injury as part of the strentgh block.

My training split at the moment is rehab hypertrophy and finding my strength again for certain exercises. Avoiding regular deadlifting for now but will start to introduce it again. I could probably push it a bit, but making sure I don't do anything stupid again.
Session 1 (upper1 - chest/shoulders/arms)
Session 2 (Legs1)
Session 3 (upper2 - back/arms)
Session 4 (Legs2)
Session 5 (upper3 - chest/shoulders/arms)

I typically go for a 30/45 min walk 3 to 4 days per week and/or have a cardio/stretching session if I go on a 6th day

Typically I would do a hypertrophy Push, Legs Pull, Upper, Lower block however for the 6 weeks prior to injury I did a 4 day split strength block.

Two thoughts

How did the injury occur?

MK677 and peptides like TB500 or BPC157. Plus rehab of course
I tore it deadlifting with a mixed (pronated) grip on the left arm.


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