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Inner Armour Nitro-PEAK 1lb

4 out of 5 rating for Inner Armour Nitro-PEAK 1lb

This protein used to be one of my all-time favs. Main reason being it contained Serum Albumin protein, which is the same stuff in N2BM's GEAR (It's a highly bioavailable, extremely easily digestible form of protein). It also used to contain Aminogen, which is an enzyme that helps utilize nearly all the protein you take in with it. But lately, since they redesigned their bottles/label/formula, there's no more aminogen in it which was a bit of a bummer. Still, 4 stars worth.
4 out of 5 rating for Inner Armour Nitro-PEAK 1lb

Just got through 2 tubs of this recently. Mixability was about on par with most other comparable shakes, although there were quite a few chunks left. Really rich flavor profile and especially good with milk, but do yourself a favor and stay away from strawberry! The tub smelled heavenly when I first opened it and the first couple of shakes were like a dessert, but it was far too sweet for me to enjoy drinking for a long duration. Vanilla was great though!This was actually the very first protein I bought when I got into lifting! Cool to see a review section for it here!
3 out of 5 rating for Inner Armour Nitro-PEAK 1lb

According to the ingredients it's loaded with a lot of essentials to encourage muscle growth along with a good diet and exercise and growth seem to be acceptable for me during a 12 week cycle. If you can get pass the taste the you should be gtg. I've tried vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. The vanilla has a very "sooty" texture and taste like a chemical covered by low grade flavoring. Strawberry taste like peptobismal, and the chocolate at best is substandard when you consider the amount this stuff cost ($44.99 at Vitamin Shoppe-4lbs[which was a sells price]). To alleviate the bad chocolate flavoring, I added cocoa powder that was $10, and this made the shake more palatable. It does mix well with with the screen in place in the shaker bottle, but you should shake as soon as possible, because it tends to stick to the side of bottle if you wait to long. I've used Inner Armour for years but, it seems as though they have cut back on flavoring which is why I gave it 3 stars.
4 out of 5 rating for Inner Armour Nitro-PEAK 1lb

I want to say that with all the extra BCAA's and Glutamine I can really feel it working. One little con though...It doesn't desolve very quickly like other protein I've had but it has great flavor and I have gained great muscle and strength using this product!
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