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IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

5 out of 5 rating for IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I was very happy with there products and customer service. They were very fast and helpful
Communication & Ordering process: communication was great. The Myth and the other guy answered emails quickly and we're very helpful.
Delivery & Packaging: 3 day turnaround everytime I ordered. Packaging was great and discreet
Products Ordered: hgh, equipoise
Product results and effectivenes: hgh was great and so was eq. Very happy with there products
3 out of 5 rating for IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I ordered test p/winny from them and payment was easy to use and that was sent immediately. T/a was about 3 weeks, it could've had a better t/a time and I had to get on them about my order to but I understand things happen and it slows things down. But the quality of the product is where it should be. The winny seemed to dry me up nicely.
5 out of 5 rating for IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

I have been using Red Star/ISL for a good little while now. Me and a few friends all get together and order often. We all love the prices and the gear. There have been a few bumps in the road but they have always been resolved quickly and made me a happy customers each and every time. I've always gotten my product and been satisfied.Communication; always great. It's very rare to go 24hrs without a response. Delivery and Packaging; absolutely top notch. Best I've ever had Results/Effectiveness; good gear. Very smooth, no PIP. Me and my buddies and used quite a bit and never had issues with sterility. The dbol seems a little underdosed but still effective. Love the gear! Recommend 100%. Do not be hesitant.
Communication & Ordering process: 5/5
Delivery & Packaging: 5/5
Products Ordered: Tren a, Tren E, Test E, Test C, Test Sust, EQ, Deca, dbol, Anavar, Winny
Product results and effectivenes: 4.5/5
2 out of 5 rating for IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Good communication from Myth through the whole process. But when I spoke of my unhappiness with the tren Ace the "bosses" took time to send me one email questioning everything from diet to training experience. I replied and never heard from them again. I was taking 100-150mg ED and nothing to speak of from it. Went to another source and did get more desirable results from lower dosage. I would not order from them again.
Communication & Ordering process: good
Delivery & Packaging: excellent
Products Ordered: tren ace, tren E, test E, cialis, aromasin
Product results and effectivenes: Hit and miss. Tren Ace was crazy underdosed at best.
2 out of 5 rating for IronStar Labs Steroid Source Reviews

Order a strait raw one. Brewed up EQ/TESTC. Everything went good looks gtg. But when doing nolv/letro black metal like specs showed up in liquid.... Didn't even try the clom...Trashed it. Kept the EQ AND TEST C. A little worried on running it. If the it was contaminated or some shit..Two stars for the two product's that seem ok.
Communication & Ordering process: on point.
Delivery & Packaging: 3 to 4 weeks. i already knew it would take that long ago it's what ever.
Products Ordered: EQ Test c Nolv Clomid Letro
Product results and effectivenes: TBD
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