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Is Clomid or Nolvadex good for pct?

If I personally had a choice between the two I would pick nolva because who wants tits. But you should do both, they work synergistically together. The nolva slows down the aromatization and the clomid works by tricking your body and binding to receptors and slowing your body’s estrogen production. Clomid is kind of like a weak synergetic estrogen. I know some people like HCG in pct but if you are gonna use it I would recommend during your cycle to slow the balls from shrinking.

After which prohormone (designer aas epistane) is better for pct?

Does Clomid or Nolvadex increase endogenous testosterone better?
Everywhere I read, they write something different..

Clomid: 50/50/25/25 ?

Nolvadex: 20/20/20/20 ?
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