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Is PSL safe to order ?

Tell us a bit about yourself - stats etc

im in my late 40s
83kg weight
188cm height

small gut. looks slim but needs to go ;)
im generally healthy
dont drink or smoke and exercise regurlarly.

so much injectables i dont know. i done so much reading and the more i read the more my head is gonna explode :rolleyes:
im thinking Test E and Deca or some mix like that.
maybe anavar or anadrol or Winstrol for the gut.
im lean everywhere else just fat seem impossible to shift around my gut.
I wouldn't mind I eat fuck all. a rabbit would eat more :D
hey mate,
i'm in my late 40's
188 cm height
83 kg weight
fairly healthy and regular exercise
my problem is I don't eat often enough.
I can't force myself to eat big feeds.
I'd be sick looking at a load of food in front of me :D
dont smoke or drink or take drugs. not those one anyways ;)
no matter how much i exercise i cant gain fuck all muscle and I wanna lose the gut.
not much of a gut but it wont go away and I was never obese or anything.

I thought the anavar or winstrol would help me lose the belly fat.

I appreciate your help guys. I just want to make sure I order the correct stuff and you guys have more experience than me.

Anavar and winstrol both can help.

i've had clients on 50mgs anavar + 50mgs winstrol + 7caps n2guard powerful shred stack to lean out.

Steroids not fat loss drugs but can help greatly.

Are we going to see you LOG journal your PSL cycle? thats crucial if you want to drop bodyfat and lean out.
Whenever placing an order through the website and it does not allow anyone to enter their address due to particular restrictions in that region, simply open up a ticket and contact the customer service, and explain your circumstances and situation where you are geographically located, they will always make exceptions and accommodate you for your needs.
By default on some of these systems they do not allow some countries to be entered.
That is a mod feature that was installed by the IT tech team, however it can be easily bypassed.
Bear in mind if someone lives in a high risk region that has problems with customs such as Australia, the company will still deliver but they will not guarantee a re-ship.

My suggestion, make all orders small scale and for personal use and you can almost guarantee you will never have a problem. ;)
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