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Is this a proper cycle?

I have almost made a decision. I already explained some of the things here:

I'm looking for something simple and safe that won't cause gynecomastia.

So, is turinabol-only cycle and a clomid-only PCT a good option?

Is this good:
Almost. Is the same as hasn't.

I don't think there's such a thing as completely risk free cycle. Others will argue the science but ignore that we use meds at a level (for the most part) higher than for medical reasons. I've pointed out that a FEW (not many) can, via feedback mechanisms not usually considered, still have SOME issues.

That said, as we HAVE covered on podcasts, Tbol is the guru PED of choice. Specifically created to aid athletes (Eastern Europe). A good enough choice for a novice.

That PCT... no. I've NEVER used clomid nor HCG. Nor needed to. But I know my body whereas you've zero experience. And, given that you seem to worry about issues a LOT, I'd much rather you run a PROPER PCT (see the 'perfect PCT' sticky). And I still wanna see a blood test from you (in a log)
Is taking 30mg oral Winstrol (Stanozolol) a day for 8 weeks, with clomiphene therapy after that, a proper cycle? If yes, how much clomiphene and for how will I have to take it after the cycle?

Since Winstrol doesn't have estrogenic effects, I guess I won't need aromatization inhibitors during the cycle?

I was also told (reading a description on the Domestic Supply website) I need to use water retention substances during the cycle to avoid joint paint. Thing is, I don't care about the joint pain and I can handle that kind of pain.

My worry is, when there is joint pain, is actual damage occuring to the joints, or is it just pain without any damage? If it's just pain with no damage, I can handle it.
winstrol is fire from
I'm no longer interested in Winstrol. I may do a turinabol cycle.

I understood.

I'm jumping from a question to question, as I explore different possibilities and cycle variations. For a first time, I want something safe and simple that isn't injectable.

I'm still afraid of injections for the following reasons:

1. I may do aspiration the wrong way, resulting in death;
2. If there is contamination, it will go directly in the bloodstream and won't be neutralized by metabolism (e.g. stomach acid);

As for this:

"clomid nolvadex hcgenerate and you need n2guard on cycle"

Aren't clomiphene and nolvadex supposed to be different types of drug: one is estrogen inhibitor, the other is modulator? If yes, why should I combine two different drugs meant to do the same thing? Wouldn't just one type of drug be enough?

What if I don't take N2Guard during the cycle?

Some more questions. Turinabol can't cause gynecomastia, even if it leads to a significantly reduced natural testosterone production level, right? Gynecomastia is caused by elevated estrogen, not reduced testosterone, meaning turinabol can't cause gynecomastia, since it doesn't cause aromatization, right?
Your not injecting into your veins dude. Your not gonna die.
Tbol is a good option for someone who is new and fresh with using gear. I like tbol in the fact it's simple, you can run it 30mg-50mg a day 50mg being the higher side of things.

Tbol should in theory be easy for you if worried about estrogen conversion as tbol is a dry compound and won't convert into estrogen. Tbol is good for endurance and mild strength gains.

If you pick tbol I'd split the dose am & pm 8 hours apart, typically you see guys take the first dose 1 hour before a workout utilizing it like a pre-workout.

You can run it for 6 weeks, 8 weeks being the maximum imo to run tbol.

Pct you can run clomid and a strong test booster like hcgenerate
Why? If no aspiration is done, you you will die if the amount oxygen bubble is big enough.
And just how much was you planning on injecting on your ORAL TBol cycle?

Masonic is wrong. I do for one. More out of habit.
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