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Is this cycle to much, am I over doing it?

First post. Hope this is correct. And thanks in advance for the help and advice.

Facts and stats:

50 years old
185 lbs
around 13% BF

Two cycles under my belt already, not including SARM only cycles.
First cycle was 50mg of tbol and 500mg of test-e
Second cycle was 600-800mg of test-e, 80 mg of anavar

I got down to 10.9% (based on DEXA scan), then went to Mexico for 2 weeks to lay on beach so I'm estimating 13% bf now (been dieting since back). I'm trying to get back down to the 11% bf by end of March (will do another DEXA scan then). Then I want to do a bulking cycle for 14 weeks (I'm time boxed to 14 weeks, I think I can keep taking test-e but traveling with the other gear, I'll be asking about, makes me nervous). After the 14 weeks I'll get another DEXA to see how much fat and muscle I have gained. Hopefully the fat will be minimal.

Diet I will aim for 3000-3500 cals per day. With at least 200g of protein, try to keep the fat in check. And of course carbs.
Cals i will have to monitor. My BMR is 1800-1900, I play a lot of squash (5 days a week) and weights 4-5 times a week. My Garmin watch tells me I burn 3000 per day on squash and weight days plus or minus 200. So 3500 may not be enough.

OK now to the issue at hand. Here is my proposed bulking cycle

Test-E (500 - 600mg/week) for the entire cycle, will try to take with me to extend beyond 14 weeks
Deca (400mg/week) for 14 weeks
Equipoise (600mg/week for 14 weeks)
Dbol (40-50mg/day) for 6 weeks
Proviron (50mg/day) the entire cycle.
Aromasin (12.5mg EOD) is this enough?
Cabergoline (0.25 EOD) is this enough?

I also have Anavar left over and am considering switching to it after the 6 week of dbol for the rest of the cycle.

I know this is a very wet and very aggressive cycle.

Is it bat sh*t crazy aggressive?
I like the cycle
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