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Jungle juice/Biological still around?


Novice Brother
Noticed his section has been closed. Was wondering if he's out of the game, time off or another reason? He was great to have around and hope he gets back.
Jungle juice is still around just not run by biological they have new contact details and are still going
Been on Dbol for 1 week that I purchased from Biological01.

Strength and gains is very good.

Dbol from Biological 01 is definitely g2g🤙
Still go order in last 5 months 4 time gear good and service is great they are on session that where I order from
Still around just got my 5 delivery from jungle juice he is your professional and that he gear g2g
he is on session
How you traveling brother,been quiet without you around,lol.all the best mate, take care man.
Hey hey bro .
Yeah part of the reason I used to poke people around a bit was to create a bit of life on a forum .
A bit of spice if you will . Too many people know the game now though and it doesn’t work as easy as it used to 😂
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