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Just left Oz for good' now in thailand but....


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How much of this gear is legitimately dosed? I'm trying to look into some mail order options through what's app but don't know if they are legit either. .. if someone can sort me out with a pm of recommendations where to go would be sweet. I've bought a bunch and just plugging it away ...HCG seems rubbish . I did a full vial in one night and nothing , no teen cough either ... I'm hoping I can get some help here
You did a full vial of trenbolone or hcg?

Thailand should have pharmacy grade steroids, you should check them first. Like testosterone in ampules etc
bros just walk into a pharmacy in thailand and get ONLY pharmaceutical grade steroids in ampules
Everything I got in thailand was good to go. Bangkok was harder to source stuff than say pattaya or phuket
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