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Kava gets you high


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There is a new restaurant in my town where they sell Kava and my buddy told me it makes you kinda high when you eat it. It does not contain alcohol or anything it is like another drug.
I haven't looked for it for a while but Kava Kava was sold in capsules like 8yrs ago or so & I agree if you're drug free (well excluding the sauce) you get a opiate feeling, I used it to relax

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I love stevesmi's post. Best way to relax is remove all external stressors in your life and count your blessings.

Eliminate the life suckers in your life and wake up everyday thankful for another day.
Returning back to the topic - no, kava should not get anyone high. Of course, this does not exclude some possible individual sensitivity to it, but in general, it is not a drug as such.
Kava gives an opiate like feeling. Very mild. Shit tastes like what I'd imagine miracle grow would taste like. Not worth it IMO.
I've heard it can also be effective for opiate withdrawal because it competes for the same receptors. Its probably related

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