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Approved Log L1keapunts cycle-prep training log

Todays meals

Standard breakfast as what I've previously posted

Snack #1 1 cup of greek yogurt with homemade granola (mixture of almonds, cashews, and some oats)
1x kiwi fruit

Lunch 200gm chicken breast
Basmati rice
1 cup green beans

Snack #2
40gm whey
Handful of pecans (ran out of walnuts)

200gm.chicken breast
Sweet potato mash
Steamed brocoli
make sure you're eating raw yogurt only
Bros I like that you're eating your raw nuts those have good protein and nutrition
good to see you're getting in your vegetables for a change versus other logs
kiwi is a good fruit it's full of antioxidants
I agree if you're going to consume Dairy make sure it's raw
Post the Greek yogurt ingredients a lot of times it's no good too much sugar
It's just the natural chobani Greek

Protien 13.8gm
Fat 6.40gm
Carbs 6.2
-Sugar 4.2gm


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Easter Saturday sesh!


Barbell deads 5x5
Barbell hip thrusts 3x8
Ghd straight leg back extension 3x 8
Hamstring sliders 3x8
Farmers walks 3 sets 20m

Post work out:
40gm whey
1x banana

1x cup rolled oats
20gm whey
1/2 cup mixed berries
1x tbsp honey
1/4 sunflower seeds
Great workout
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