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Lab result. GenXTropin. 90.7% Somatropin, 0.03% Dimer

highly recommend this type of testing vs. buying those fraudelent testing kits online that aren't accurate
GenXTropin HGH. 90.7% Somatropin, 0.03% Dimer

Bought this from a UK supplier last year. Got around to testing it at Janoshik.
@midlifegains those results seem legit but can you share the actual PDF here, many cant click out from the link

and your log @midlifegains I noticed no updates recently can you update some training and gear info please
are you happy with these results?
91% seems pretty good for growth hormone
are you going to use this on your current log?
If so please update your log so we don't lose track of where you're at
up always use a trusted supplier
this way you know that your stuff is legit
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Very important to always use an approved source
this way you don't have to worry about getting something underdosed
91% is not bad at all
I think that is a good 4 growth hormone

Wondered if you could help.

I’ve been using Genxtropin for years. Each product has the correct unquiue code which can be verified from their website.

After reading your post I just wanted to understand if I read it correctly.

When you got the lab results there was 90% HGH in the sample ?

Some people have told me it’s bunk but I’ve always believed it’s perfectly fine. Just people love to hate. And there is so much fake product in the market.

Any advise would be amazing.


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