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Approved Log LargePeter Upcoming Blast Cycle Log

Last night hit legs

Didn't manage to get the dog walk in yesterday; pissing down with rain when I got home and it was a bit late as it was. Unfortunately didn't get any cardio in but I'd been on my feet most of the day and racked up over 12k steps during the day as it was.

LEG EXTENSION 28KG - 15/15/15/15
LEG CURL 21KG - 15/15/15/15
HACK SQUAT 60KG - 15/15/15/15
LEG PRESS 160KG - 12/12/12/12
RDL 80KG - 12/12/weird lower back pain

Extensions and curls are serving their purpose as a warm up; hit them as 4x supersets.

The hack squats were 10kg heavier than last week and moved very easily - as did the leg press; 10kg heavier with 2 more reps per set. RDL unfortunately felt good but two reps into set 3 something felt really bad so I stopped immediately - don't think it was a weight issue; 20kg heavier than last week but again it moved very easily.

Wish I hadn't neglected leg training over the years; the strength comes back very quickly I find and they'll puff out in no time once the training is consistent again. Knees and hips, which were always an issue, feeling great - possibly because of all the weight that's been dropped.

Standard training day meal plan plus 1/3 of the concoction above with final meal of the day; swapped out 150g rice for 150g sweet potato.

Still feeling reasonably fresh and energetic despite the calories, extra sleep probably helping!

However, if I'm gonna trade a little less sleep and slower progress for being balls deep every night, that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! 🤣
I like
Since Saturday evening (now Wednesday morning here) been nursing an injured dog - no training updates but making sure I'm getting 12k steps a day and sticking to the non training diet - down to 98.8kg this morning with a body scan booked tomorrow before I go away for 3 days with the girl. Got some cool dining experiences booked, so will be going harder this month to make sure I keep on the right trajectory!!

Shooting to be at 95kg at end of May now, while holding muscle mass.
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