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Approved Log LargePeter Upcoming Blast Cycle Log

hopefully bpc helps. i would stack tb500 with it
dog walk sounds fun you should check out the dog pictures
nice job on prepping food today as well
overall I like what you're doing make sure you keep us updated on meals
i would go with some good quality peptides, makes sure
Trained back tonight, elbow presented no issue - the issue comes about mostly from pressing movements it seems.

Standard training day diet from the first post
4L water

Warm up
15mins treadmill, 2% incline @ 5.2km/h
DB Cuban Rotations - 5kg, 3x15
Face Pulls w/ Pulldown Bar - 36kg, 3x10
Triceps Pressdowns - 24kg, 3x15 (elbows)

Back Session
YATES ROWS 105KG - 13/13/13/13
NAUTILUS PD 98KG - 12/12/12/12
LOW ROW 140KG - 12/12/12/11
CG PULL DOWN 81KG - 13/12/11/10
FACEPULL 68KG - 15/15/15/15

First time I've ever done Yates Rows with more than my bodyweight - weighed in at 101.4kg this morning.

Most of the weights moved fairly well but close to initial failure toward the end of most sets; last two reps of final set of Yates Rows had a little momentum to get things moving as did the last rep or two of each pulldown movement.

Bro split strength seems to be better than PPL/UL, which I assume is the once a week hit plus the improved recovery and better protein synthesis test offers.

No BPC-157 today, may arrive tomorrow.

Pics will arrive over the next day starting tonight for those asking.

Feedback/criticism/advice welcome as always
Basic body shots, shit lighting blah blah blah

Never posted pics like this before online!

As mentioned above, 101.4kg this morning - I do have some photos somewhere of me around 115kg I might be able to dig out at some point.

Midsection is significantly smaller than even 6 weeks ago, the plan has worked so far.


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Back into the weights tomorrow night, trying to shake a bit of inflammation in the right elbow - should have BPC-157 here tomorrow.

Dog walk today, the route is approx 3km for 40 mins

Another 30 mins on the treadmill at the gym, 2% gradient and 5.2km/h speed, then 40 mins sauna (2x 20 mins, 5 min cold shower and break in between)

Standard off training day food consumption from the first post in this thread

Will have some prepped meal pics up shortly
Great to see
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