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Learning guide for beginners?


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Im making a reference chart that i can work off of to help me learn all the different compounds and what work safe and well together. Flowchart paper I'm working on for myself, theres just so much info and trying to remember it all and not confuse myself with other compounds. Nothing to big, just like a beginner cheat sheet that newcomers can understand and know how to ask the right questions.


For me, I was bouncing back and forth and I was getting kinda lost and confusing myself. Im sure others are the same way but just not saying it. Im not a dumb ass...The fact is, theres a shit load of info to learn and I dough most are chemists here...LOL So a chart to learn the basics I think will be a big help, nothing big but a simple tool to help learn and ask the right questions.

ps Before I post anything I would like to pm it to some of the vet here for a review before posting it to get a safe review.
Sounds like a great idea... I think especially being able to see potential stacks, dosing ratios, AIso, SERMS, and the like for each compound could be awesome. I know I'd look it over.

Solid idea!

ok, sounds cool. Im going to start with the basics and will build from them. Ill have something by monday tuesday.
That's a Great Idea.
I remember Many Moons ago, being in the same Boat.
I had Two things going for me though.
1 - I had a Veteran to help me.
2 - There weren't as many Compounds in use back then............................ JP
It'll be Interesting to see, and Gearhead will be able to give you a Good Rundown on Different Products.
Seriously, just one more reason I've gotten to like this community so much... Feel like there's not enough of a genuine spirit of helpfulness and learning around training sometimes... Too much ego and competition getting in the way, combined with some bozo bro-science...
There are soooo many compounds out there, even vets can't know it all. This is a great idea and I'm sure a "work in progress" as many will want to edit it.
That's the idea, build the basics like a quick goto guide. With that anyone can tweak it and share for others to see if it would work,be safe. PricePoint-Because when u add everything you need for a safe cycle, it can get pricey. Meaning they buy the gear and then they don't have money for Everything else that goes along with it. Gear is probable the cheapest compared to anything else you need as a beginner.
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