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LeFr34k's 2nd Log (TestE/Primo/Anav/Prov/GW)

Ahhh I forgot, starting PCT in two weeks. I will try to log, but I'm going to HOU, Texas for 10 days.

you can log your pct when you get back.
best improvement ive seen in a long time

Weight: 188.2lbs (Yesterday 186.00)


About the stage, the Dominican NPC Worldwide 2023 is in march 17,18 (I won't be here), the next one, Caribbean Summer Classic in August 18-19, and I won't be here either hahaha, it's my bday and I'm going for a week to Colombia and the next one is in November, the 24 and 25. I could do that, but I think I need to improve a few things, such as my back/legs and gain more muscle + the most important thing, I need to learn how to pose and a posing routine. I would like to be at 3% (or less) with 205-210 pounds when I hit the stage, that would be ideal for me, I've seen the competition here those guys are waaayyyy better than me, for me it's not about "the experience", I don't like to lose, so when I go up to the stage I want to be sure I'm going to be AT LEAST, top 5.

So, I was thinking this: bulk (clean) for about 10 months (until December) and in mid-December start dieting and preparation for march. I could use some sarms in the middle of this year to gain some lean muscle. In Mid-December I could go with:

Test Prop/Tren/Anavar/GW
Cardarine 1-14 (20mg ea in the AM)
250mg tren/week (1-12)
300mg test E/week (1-12)
50mg Anavar ed (1-6)
Aromasin 15mg EOD (1-14)
7x N2Guard (1-14)
Cabergoline 0.25 eod

Also, I have a little loose skin on the lower part of the stomach, how do I fix that ? surgery ? I would like to fix that too. If you guys have any recommendations about it, let me know.

Soooooo, what do you guys think ? all your opinions matter
Ahhh I forgot, starting PCT in two weeks. I will try to log, but I'm going to HOU, Texas for 10 days.

They have internet there too
The loose skin can be a tricky one. There are small adjustments that happen over time naturally but at a certain point there isn't anything major you can do. There are some creams out there but not sure how effective they actually are. I do know that fasting can help to some degree as well. Surgery is the last resort and you would have to worry about scarring.
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