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Approved Log LittleTimeTrouble Big Time TRT Log

Machine incline press (new baby) @220 12, 11, 8
DB bench on crazy ass Watson Bench @ 100 13, 10
Machine pec fly @ 220 10, 9
Arsenal tricep dip @ 205 19, 13, 10
Cross body push downs @ 50 13, 11, 10, 10
Cable front raise @ 95 10, 9, 8
Cable Y raise @ 40 14, 10, 9
Seated Calf @ 170 15, 13, 10
It’s a new old stock Nautilus Nitro Evo. It was the last good line Nautilus ever made. Super smooth but very heavy feeling, great strength curve.
Seated press? Converging?
Seated press? Converging?
This one is converging, but I’d say lightly converging, not as much as some. Back angle is 30 degrees. I have the Nitro Plus seated version, which is seated upright and also converging. Only difference between Nitro, Nitro Plus and Nitro Evo is how they deal with 5 lb increments. Also, my Nitro Plus isn’t exactly new. lol.
So, by popular request I am going to put a log up here. I am actually remiss in that I told @gearhead I would do so after getting blood work because I was likely to embark on a nice, gentle massing phase. This is actually now half way into week two…. Oh well.

Basics are I am mid 40s, have worked out for two decades, on regular TRT three years which came before I used any ancillary gear. Some things are going to stay extremely regular during this phase, like diet, PED intake, supplementation and basic activity, so I will post them now and only post more about them if they change, or if I have a non-compliance day, which is exceedingly rare.

Meal 1&4:
12 oz Greek yogurt
1 cup mixed berries
2 T chia seeds
1 T hemp seeds
4 T flax seeds
1 T almond butter

Meal 2 (intra/post):
100g carbs/ 80g protein powdered astronaut food

Meal 3:
5 oz grilled chicken
6 oz banza pasta
3 oz sweet potatoes
1 C cabbage/onion/pepper mix
1/2 c tomatoes (this will change with seasons)
calorie free sauce

Meal 5:
5-6 oz lean meat
6 oz banza pasta
1-2 c vegetables (usually broccoli, cauliflower, etc. this time of year with the greenhouse humming, lots of tomatoes)

Pre bed:

N2BM with additions where I think it is lacking for my particular purposes
Krill oil
Cor Omega

Use (may increase or decrease marginally):
300 mg TE
300 mg Primo
175 mg Proviron
All split into every day doses.
3 is gh, split morning and evening

Activity is 3 hikes/walks per day, generally after meals. I live in the middle of the Rocky Mountains at 8000 feet, so flat doesn’t exist here. Total steps are 11k from these.

Pre cycle bloods are good. HOMA-IR at 0.6, total cholesterol at 116, everything else normal.
Looking to put on 8-10 lbs. If that takes 12 weeks, fine, if it takes 16 that is fine too. I will stop either when I decide I feel like shit or when I hit a goal.

I’ll update training and changes as they go. Today is push2 day for the week.

Oh, and here a picture of your gray chest haired hero. Just a normal sized dude, and looking to stay that way but slightly bigger.

How do you manage 3 hikes a day? What do you do for work?
Oh my bad man, I thought I read you were 40 in one of your posts. Good for you man. I am a industrial climber (rope access, towers, mountains, arborist), and will probably retire at 89
Also, now that I am back on TRT switched to Subq injections for the first time. Since it is 300mg/ml and I inject daily, that’s only 10ml/day, which seems to go in very easily and painlessly. We’ll see how it affects various blood levels.
man if I didn't have to work I would just work out all day and night that would be a nice life
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