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Approved Log LOG - First Cycle Anavar

your diet is pretty good if you stick to it. maybe drop the smoothies though and add in more real food
I don't understand what you mean. I'm basically a baby in the diet training area. Currently I have started only eating clean foods. Egg whites, chicken breat, potatoes, whey protein, vegetables, white rice, avacado, salad, smoothies etc. With my Job its a struggle to eat during the day, so lately it's been almost like an OMAD diet. Let me know if this is or isn't what you are looking for.
@T-bird well whatever you're doing, if you want to use steroids you need to write down your diet and training before really doing injections or taking pills
if you cant keep track of your diet or training you shouldn't be using steroids or PEDs for that matter

example on how to post diet and training
here is a good clean diet layout by @s.gentz
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