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Low Test/High Tren & Lethargy


New member
Hey Guys,

I realize that according to my post count, I am a new guy, however I have been on here for quite some time.

Few Stats for me

10% BF
Number of cycles ran previously 3
1. TEST E/ 500mgs 12 weeks
2. Test Prob 500mgs, Masteron 700mgs
3. Test e 500mg/week Tren E/400mgs/week

Now I am currently on my 4th cycle, and I decided to give the new school Low test e 250mgs/ High Tren a 700mgs a go.

I have currently been on it for 8 days, and the sides are no where near what they were with the high test mod tren. However, I am lethargic as fuck.
My initial thoughts were that the Tren Ace kicked in before the Test E. I usually don't like to mix esters, but I already had Test E on hand.

I ordered all my gear from Robo, So I know its legit.

Sarms Stack currently
12.5 mgs Exemestane ED
.5 mgs Prami ED
Cardarine 20mgs ED Split into 2 doses
Letro 1.25 mgs ED

Currently taking 120 mcg Clen Every morning pre fasted Low intensity Cardio

Im up for suggestions. Should I wait it out, should I add something else in to counter the lethargy?
I am on something similar man and most people are going to tell you to up your carb intake or take a stim but for some of us, including myself, this is the price of trenbolone.. The well being and free test increase of Mast helps a little along with proviron but I've tried it all man, when I'm on legit tren I get tired as FUCK but my physique changes almost daily.. To me it's worth it, you just gotta ask yourself the same question.. Plus you are already on a high dose of clen so be careful

also, are you using aromasin and letro at the same time??
I'm no expert bro, but sounds like your estrogen is to low, your taking ED/ aromasin/prami and why the letro, maybe I'm missing something, I would run this by the vets.
That actually makes a lot of sense... I just recently started doing ED, just to experiment with my Sarms to see if they were under dosed, but now that you mention that, it makes sense.

I should have mentioned this earlier,

My macros are

I'm going to go back to EOD on the aromasin, keep the prami at .5Ed and drop the letro, and see what happens
That's an insane amount of AI.. I use aromasin 6.25mg EoD , you are doing 12.5mg ED with letro on a low test cycle man that's definitely not helping
I'm going to give that a shot.
I'll post on here in a few days and let you know how it's working for me. Thanks for the help guys
with tren you increase your strength or mass so fast on the stuff that how could you not feel lethargic?

its part of the game of using it.
Yeah I dropped the letro entirely, dropped the aromasin to 6.25/EOD and I feel 10x better today.

id do 6.25mg ED and some prami ED.....tiny tiny doses of it. shit makes me sick or idk what to call it really, hard to say. But prami and caber are 2 different worlds. take prami before 6pm.....IMHO.

If your very very good in your AI you will not need as much of the DA or vice versa......if you can stay on top the of DA really well, you wont need as much of the aromasin. But going down to 6mg EOD, your prolly not going to get away with much less anyway you cut it.

Letro is for precontest or gyno......or at nothing doses cuz you have no other AI and are in need.
i generally keep my tren around 300-400 / week and my test at 750... generally keep tren 1/2 your test and i don't have issues with lethargy or shutting down to bad.
That's crazy I'm on Robotren 100 mg ED and I felt the same thing. Ok so just like you I started with only 175 mg test e and 350 tren. I slowly increased my dose to 700 mg pw because I was not getting the sides which is typical for me, I'm pretty calm on tren. This might not be the solution for you but I increased my test dosage to 500mg PW and I feel great sweating like a fucking animal though. I take sleep meds that's not an issue. I love tren literally transforms your physique.
So you upped your test to 500mg/week?

Also, once I lowered my AI and dropped the Letro, the lethargy disappeared completely.
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