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male pre-cjc1295 hexarelin and nutrobal MK677 log

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(this is my first log sorry if it isn't that great)

I made a post asking about the retention of side effects of MK-677 regarding insulin resistance and blood sugar levels. Probably should've made it more clear that I hadn't actually started it just yet, and was just wondering before I began. Got told on that thread to make a log so yea

Age: 16y
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 146lbs
From the U.S.

My diet is relatively clean (ever since I started MK it's got a little bit worse since the increased ghrelin makes it a bit harder to resist sometimes lol).
Haven't had processed food in about 9 months (with occasional exceptions). No drinking or smoking on the cycle. I try to eat 100g protein min per day with 0g added sugar as a rule. Of course, sometimes I'll have some but try not to overindulge. I usually begin eating at school where I'll have a ham sandwich everyday (low options) followed by .6-1.2g of Alpha Lipoic Acid (for blood sugar w/ MK677). I'll have some greek yogurt when I get home for about 20g of protein with again 0g sugar. Then for dinner it's either eggs, steak, or chicken. On weekends I follow this diet similarly but I'll have like eggs or protein pancakes/waffles for breakfast too.

If it wasn't obvious by the specific cycle I'm doing, I'm targeting hGH for height + to preserve my natural T levels (altho my friend is trying to convince me to take Enclomiphene with him). However, I know HGH is great for muscle building + ppl on this forum know a lot about all of this stuff so hoping you can help.

I've been on MK for about nearly 2 weeks now, oral liquid from Chemyo. Worked my way up to ~16mg daily, spread out throughout the day (4mg morning, 4mg pre-gym, 8mg before bed). Considering going higher.

I was recommended peptidesciences as a place to get my CJC1295 and saw they had a premixed one with Hexarelin so did some research and decided that seems like a good bet. If there's a different/better source for such peptides (or peptidesciences isn't good and I shouldn't use it pls lmk).

Planning on pinning like 100-300 mcg of CJC1295 and Hexarelin (each) daily.

- I was considering doing Ostarine but I feel like all of these are already gonna be good enough? + Ostarine is kinda bad for you whilst CJC and Hexa have low risk and better benefits.

I've been working out for about 2 years now. My routine has changed from time to time. I played American football as a linebacker for the past two years but decided not to play this year out of a desire to prioritize going to the gym. My current routine looks something like this:

- Chest
- Bench Press, Incline Press, Flys, Tricep Dips, Chest Press(if i can). Then I'll usually hit shoulders and abs/neck if I have time.

- Arms
- Curls, Pull-ups, Tricep Pushdowns, whatever the exercise where you pull the tricep thing over your head is called, shoulder press, lateral raises

- Legs
- Hack squat, leg press, calf raises

I know I need to do more but cannot find any good diet guides & workout routines for my age. Esp diet since most may stunt my growth as their designed for adults.
If anybody's willing to, i'd like some sort of routine that would build my shoulders to be wider and get more defined abs (if possible lol)

- P5P: i take this to decrease the increased prolactin caused by MK677 and that will be caused by CJC/Hex
- Alpha Lipoic Acid: since MK can cause diabetes, I try to use this to make it easier for my body to process carbs
- Coconut Water: ik this isnt really a supplement but I can usually get 100%+ of my K daily value (4g+ potassium) without added sugars

- Glucose Monitoring: i prick my finger and test it every morning while fasted to ensure I'm not becoming prediabetic from MK677 (happened to my friend so IK its a real risk)


Also if anybody has good numbing sprays & needle brands they can recommend for beginners on pinning lol.
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