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Massacre at Ft. Hood

Its a fact if your going to join any branch of armed service in a time of war. You will be deployed and come back with ptsd. Every single one of my cousins, my brother, my dad, my friends all came back with it. Maybe saying it wasnt shit was a bad idea. What I should have said is its inevitable...

It almost cost me my life and my family so it is a BIG deal to me. I was giving you an example of how the military does help but sadly most services members have to really fight to get the help they need. Like I said before I was in for 11 years 7 of those years in leadership positions all my information is first hand.
yup, i was never in but I lived on base for 12 years with my dad and 8 years with my husband. So a lot of mine is first hand also.
We can never give enough support to our troops, especially when it comes to helping them recover from service-related illnesses (Physical or Psychological).

The sad thing is, with the amount of troops deployed and the % that come back with some sort of issue, the resources simply don't exist to treat them all. Many will inevitably slip through the cracks.
It wouldnt do anything. Its just sad we probabley will never know the truth even though hes alive. Its hard to say if it could have been stopped or not. But I certainly never meant that it was ok. That was all Ive heard.

Never thought you thought it was ok...
I was talking about him thinkin it was ok to go on a shooting spree
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