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Masteron and the 10% Body Fat Rule: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

I have trained guys who used masteron at 15% bodyfat with good success, it depends on the guy.
you can run masteron even at 30% body fat, unfortunately what is the point of doing that? you harden up muscles that are covered up by fat. makes no sense. so i agree you should be under 10% to mess with masteron
Great video, make sense, good job Dylan
I don't agree with the 10% bodyfat rule, I think it's over broscience. No need to be 10% bodyfat for anything.

It'll depend. For the most part being leaner helps
Masteron is a great compound but I agree with only using it when very lean. Similar with winny. Sure, you can use it but you won't get the most out of it and won't notice nearly the change in your physique if not lean. This to me is like guys who run anavar and think they are going to get huge so they run 100mg per day. Truth is you could just have ran dbol at 20-30mg per day for the desired results.
All im going to say is PLEASE actually watch the video before you comment... I get comments where you can CLEARLY see the video was not watched and you end up looking foolish with a post... The point of the video was to make a valid argument for both sides of the equation on thoughts of masteron use... actually watching it would help to give a credible answer
This is an excellent video! I love how you covered everything from both angles and made arguments for both sides of the story
You can use masteron at any bodyfat, but dylans point here is that you'll basically be wasting it unless you are lean enough to see its effects. I agree with that completely
Used masteron at 18% bodyfat maybe even 20% with trenbolone, got me ripped up and my muscles were much harder. This 10% myth of bodyfat is bs I agree with dylan just listened to the video.
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