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Approved Log Masteron, Deca Durabolin, Testosterone HGH Cycle log

So I’ve attached a pic of the hgh.

All my other injectables are from quanta pharma.

▪1 x Genxtropin – HGH
▪1 x Masteron Enanthate 200
▪1 x Test Enanthate 300
▪1 x Nandrolone Decanoate 300

They have always been spot on and on par with ROHM.

Diet is the same everyday. Just keeps it simple. I can eat the same food everyday for years 😂

The wife cooks all the meat in the air fryer which take the pain from the stove and does them in batches.

The rep ranges are in the initial post for example.
3 x 15 ( 3 sets of 15 reps)

In terms of weight I’m kinda at the point where I know it off by heart and don’t really chase it anymore. Always found if you write it down and try to beat it, you’re becoming a strongman and the form goes. (That’s just for me).

Obviously when bulking its balls the wall with the weight. On a cut it’s just time under tension and preserving the muscle whilst losing fat.

I’ve also attached a few picks on the road to 117.7 kg

Shoulders looking sick
Hi All,

Thought I would write a little about myself and training.

Training plan:

Monday - pull workout
Latt pull down 12-15, 6-10 x 2
V bar pull down 12-15, 6-10, 20
Straight arm pull down 3 x 20 with 45 seconds rest
Db rows 6-10 x 3
Single arm cable rows 6-10 x 2 20 x 1
Straight bar cable bicep curls 3 x 12-15
Seated alternating bicep curls 3 x 12-15

Tuesday - legs
Squat variation hack or pendulum 12-15 , 6-10 x 2
Leg press downstairs normal feet position 12-15, 6-10, 30
Leg extensions 4 x 20 45 seconds rest
Adductor machine 2 sets as many as you can on heaviest
Abductor machine 2 sets as many as you can on heaviest you can
Hamstring curls upstairs 12-15, 6-10, 20
Calf raises downstairs your choice 3 x 15

Full rest day

Thursday - chest and tri workout
Chest press machine flat 3 x 12-15
Cable Chest fly variation your choice 4 x 20 45 seconds rest
Incline smith machine press 6-10 x 2 20 x 1
Flat or incline db 3 x 12-15
Tricep push down machine narrow 3 x 12-15
Final tricep exercise your choice. 3 x 12-15

Friday - legs
Hamstring curls downstairs 4 x 20 45 seconds rest
Single leg leg extensions 3 x 12-15
Smith machine lunges 6-10 x 2
Calf raises leg press upstairs 3 sets of 15
Single leg leg press upstairs 3
X 12-15
Abductor 2 x 25
Adductor 2 x 25
2 sets of BW lunges to failure in the studio room

arms and shoulders
Rear delt flys on pec deck 3 x 15
Lateral raise machine downstairs 3 x 15
Db shoulder press 6-10 x 2 20 x 1
Crucifix 3 sets to failure no following above rep ranges. Try and get a minute of continuous reps each time.
Barbell bicep curl 3 x 12-15
Tricep rope extensions 4 x 20 45 seconds rest
Db hammer curls 3 x 12-15
Tricep dip machine plate loaded 3 x 12-15


Full rest day.

Cycle log

M - 0.5 deca 0.5 test 1 mast
Tues - 0.5 test 1.5 mast
Thurs - 0.5 test 0.5 deca 0.5 mast

2iu HGH ED.

Currently 113.1kg on a cut. Down from 117.7.
Trying to keep the muscle whilst losing fat.

Diet right now

4 eggs
4 turkey rashers
160g oats
5 bagels
200g steak
100g chicken
500g low fat Greek yogurt
4 pita bread
30g whey protein
@skearley nice start to the log buddy.....
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