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Masteron in 20 week cycle


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Will using masteron for a long time make recovery worse? I've heard that with some steroids used for a longer time your PCT is not so effective. Is it ok to run Masteron for 18-20 weeks? Any precautions I have to follow?
all anabolic steroids cause your pituitary glands to stop producing LH and FSH which stimulate leydig cells

the longer you are SHUT DOWN, the longer it will take to recover. some guys who use steroids at too young an age run the risk of permanent reproductive issues because they interfere with their HPTA's maturation process
I would not say that there is any particular danger of using Masteron for a long time, but this rather applies to all steroids - 18-20 weeks is quite a long cycle with any steroid, and this will make recovery very hard even with a very complete PCT. It is best to keep the cycle duration within 16 weeks.
Masteron is REALLY hard on your hair line. I wouldn't run it 20 weeks.

It's mainly a cosmetic drug anyways. I would just use it the last 10 weeks before your photo shoot, competition etc.

If you are worried about your hair line, I would use a good anti hair loss shampoo like n2shampoo from and a topical rogaine spray when using it.
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