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Maximum results with lower doses?

you will do great on this stack
i would run the dosage is higher though but it depends if you put up a log Journal I can help you along
I haven't experienced either compound but why turinabol with equipoise, isn't turinabol extra harsh on cholestrol for being an oral while muscle effects aren't far from eq, thus why not just eq and test? The estrogenicity of eq is unclear considering
EQ and tbol are great for endurance aspects of things with a cycle, in theory you would run the tbol for 6-8 weeks see endurance and strength increase at the very beginning of the cycle or at the end whichever you choose, EQ takes a long time to get going and shine, so if you combine them and let them work together you could potentially see way higher endurance benefits from both compounds, all gear is going to impact cholesterol negatively some more so than others all will impact lover and kidney in some capacity or another, so really it's pick your poison and what u feel comfortable running.
Im looking cycle advices for low test base cycles. Can i use 150-200mg test base if im using different compounds? I done few cycles before test/deca 400mg both 12 weeks and test/primo 350/500 14 weeks and got nice gains and full pct done ofc, but this time i wanna go low test and maybe add Eq and Turinabol.

EQ 400mg test 300mg run 12-16 weeks
I ran test, EQ as Tbol awhile back.
250 test, 400 EQ and 30mg of Tbol a day. It rounded me out with some vascularity.
Good, mild cycle. EQ made me super hungry and Tbol upset my stomach if I took it without food.
Good luck with it
@Wsrey1969 test and eq love that base with tbol
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