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Maximum Testosterone Elixir "The gargantuan blend" 4 the heavy weight boys! EP-T-400


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Maximum Testosterone Elixir "The gargantuan blend" 4 the heavy weight boys! EP-T-400
Maximum Testosterone Elixir "The gargantuan blend" for the heavy weight boys! EP-T-400

Testosterone 400mg/mL

This all NEW collision Blend of Testosterone 400mg/mL contains 200mgs of testosterone enanthate & 200mg of testosterone cypionate ,
this has been formulated as a potent blend of 2 long chain, long acting, esters made specifically and bioengineered to promote proteins synthesis,
increased nitrogen retention in muscles, assisting with building a fuller and more powerful physique while occurring a large overall increase in total strength and skeletal tissue /mass.

Simply just 1ml weekly in tandem with oral steroids such as EP Dbol, EP Drol or even EP Anavar, last but not least EP Pro-Hormones such as M1T or Super-drol.
These will truly provide you with the most ideal platform for optimal growth and less oily injection volume,
sparing you the option to incorporation an other oily hormones such as EP Nandrolone Decanoate or EP Trenbolone from

Only You can hold yourself back from tapping into your true potential, EP Testosterone Bend T-400 will set you free.. T-400 is truly a unique and extremely efficient product with game changing the ratios of testosterone in which you'll receive a continuous and constant out-put into the blood serum.
This formula has been synthesized by high demand with PSL's cliental base as well as making a statement to ensure the entire anabolic circuit world-wide that is breaking-way though innovation and science.
Gaining unstoppable momentum while leaving their generic contenders in the wake.

Why use this POWERFUL serum?
This special formulation of hormones has been in preparation from some time, specifically made as a trade secrete only to be announced
and delivered to all of our clients for that "ultimate" massive payload of testosterone you all be asking for, with simply being just a step down from it's big brother "The Big Boy" SUST Test-blend 500 by EP. Test-400

Here you have a uniquely high amount of testosterone in a single dose, this translates into convenience as many high-level bodybuilders or professional yet even amateur bodybuilders or gym rats to consider as their go-to serum for that whooping power punch. When wanting to keep oil volume down.

Still not convinced on it's efficiency?
How about occurring incredible mass gains, large increase in total strength, fuller and rounder muscle bellies with more raw explosive power, including a healthy and powerful libido..

Dosages Testosterone 400?
The EP serum T-400 dosage is suggested to be anywhere from 400mg/mL once a week, or 2-3mls a week for more seasoned and advanced users..

This blend has an active half-life of 10-14 days (10 on average).
This cocktail can/will display estrogenic effects in some users, It is highly suggested to incorporate the use of an AI (aromatase inhibitor) or SERM (Tamoxifen) as this would still be necessary for estro-sensitive users.
Dosages can vary from 200-1200+ weekly.

This blend is suggested to be used twice a week (E3D) at .5mL or for well seasoned users 1mL twice a week (E3D).
This is a very versatile blends and can be mixed with just about any AAS, however do NOT mix with aqueous solutions (water base compounds).. Or other blends, to avoid discomfort and pip..
Rotate sites if you notice PIP and start small to see how your body reacts to the hormonal blend..

Test 400 - 400mg/ml 10ml/vial EP
Condition: New product
Chemical Name:Testosterone Blend
Comes In: 10ml vial - 400 mg/ml:
Testosterone Enanthate 200mg
Testosterone Cypionate 200mg
Dosage: 200-1200mg/week
Active time: Approx 10-12 days
Class:Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid

as a Euro pharma user myself, I'm loving this blend
I do sports TRT and I use the TRT plus from euro pharma, will check this too
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