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MMA steroid stack critique

I would say halo for the aggression but man it’s rough on you
Bro did you ever think WHY CHEAT?? You are going to fight someone whether amateur or for a few hundred bucks and you need the sauce for aggression????
Maybe you ARE NOT AS TOUGH AS YOU THINK YOU ARE. If getting punched and kicked from head to toe DOESNT START OR KICK AGGRESSION IN, THEN WHY EVEN FIGHT??? Not to mention you're going to cheat against someone YOUR OWN SIZE. This is why for example UFC uses USADA and SUSPENDS Fighters for juice,peds and list of other things.

Again this is NOT hitting a ball the farthest or running the fastest or riding a bicycle.
This is fighting,breaking down your opponent and beating them senseless..

If you cant fundamentally do this on your own w/o something to help, YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING IT. You are already putting yourself and your opponent threw physical and mental punishment.

You are either a fighter or you're not a fighter Steroids,Sarms and Cycles arent gonna fix you JON JONES JR
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