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Approved Log Mobsters Training Diary

seems like para pharma gear helped you reach your goals
your waist dropped and you got leaner
plus you kept all your size and strength
@Mobster good log I liked your cutter, even short I'm happy to see it go down very well and you followed through with your first tren run ever, its fun to watch a veteran give his thoughts on this and really helpful to the community to learn from such a long term vet as yourself
Info is always good
you should keep cutting from here. There is no reason to weigh as much as you do it's not healthy
How many times have you had people say as much to you about your look? Too many right?
As per my main log the plan has now switched. From another sponsors supported 'cut to a 4 week power bulk. Any (of the little) volume training will be minimized and I'll aim during and after the bulk to get my gym numbers as high as possible.

I'll be using Euro Pharmacies Sustanon and Deca. Previous use of these PEDs has seen me add as much as 20lbs of weight in 6-8 weeks. The only issue, hopefully resolved today, is two packages have been much delayed by the post office and customs. I DO have EP deca here. Worse case scenario is I'll front load (if only cos I wanna get started today) with some EP D/Bol

My all time highest ever bodyweight to date has been an uncomfortable 334lbs (just dbol). 340 MIGHT happen on this cycle
Another day repping a ton and giving the new hoody a go
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I agree 100
Yet again - NOT a bodybuilder. I've been kinda clear on that since I joined the forum. So what IS important (being ripped etc) to the majority of the members is NOT that big of a deal to me. If a fairy godmother wishes to wave her wand about and suddenly bless me with a six pack I'l take it. But I'll take brute power with some condition over veins. How I looked never won me a single national championships
Something else, which I suspect many miss, is 'what sticks'. With or without PEDs what stays for me takes about 3 months. Gaining weight (esp with PEDs) is kinda easy. Many miss out by tweaking training and diet. But for it to feel like the new normal takes me at least 3 month. It's NOT what you do on cycle but after
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