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Approved Log Mobsters UGFreak ParaPharma 1 month Trenbolone cut Log

If you aren't losing weight, maybe it's time to adjust the macros, though.
I say keep doing what you are doing. That's the whole point of the log to try to experiment with the body and see what works. And what doesn't
there are 3 macros. fat, protein and carbs. but doesn't mean you cannot adjust each
para pharma tren has been known to add a bunch of mass fast to people. but the body fat will start coming down soon IMO
i have gained weight on tren even eating less carbs. tren is different
This is true, I am the same when using Tren low calories, carbs and cardio weight doesn't come down much. Once I take the Tren out is when I see weight come down.
The joys of being recognized for what you do. From running a sponsor log to helping Stevesmi host our podcast... and today??

So a few weeks back I was approached by a gym buddy I've mentioned. I did his wedding pics and he's competed on stage, is a judge for as federation and even, among the rest of his Iron Game CV, had a lab all of his very own if only briefly some years ago. He'd been approached by a fella he'd worked with who wanted to resurrect a company he owned. And my name came up as someone to work with. Finally, in today's post, a package arrived. Hoody and a t-shirt. If this does what it's supposed to do I'll be getting a package every month.

These kinds of deals aren't uncommon. But I've seen people kinda f**k it up. As with ANY sponsor type deal you (and they) get as much out of this as is put in. What the company wants is not, as you might think, you using 47 hashtags or posting EVERY DAMN WHERE. It's engagement and value. You're better with one good post a week that works well than 10 a day that annoy people.

So now I'll be banging that drum on Insta and Facebook. Watch out for a couple of photos (I wont go crazy I promise)
Rocking the Xplosive Ape hoody (pics on Insta) with Kirk D @ my gym. I was on fire for most of the workout (in zone and sweating too lol)
Power Squat Machine
to 430kg x 12 reps

Leg Press
to 665kg x 8 reps

Lying Leg Curls
Hit the wall on set 2

Leg Extensions
to easy stack+10kg x 8 reps
Xplosive Ape.jpg
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