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Approved Log Mobsters UGFreak ParaPharma 1 month Trenbolone cut Log

Agree let's see his log and pics
I'm far more likely to take questions and advice from someone who does the same. To date... nothing. And while it'd be nice of me to put up the info asked for I'm under zero obligation to do a single thing. So I also wanna see a single link to one of Monstro's logs (he claimed last week to have run several - not here or on any of the Evo family of sites he hasn't).

Of course I WILL put up numbers for the end (Friday) just by way of comparison.

Unlike Eddie that avatar is me (few years back outside the local gym). And I've posted pics in these logs. Mobster is a name I've used online since circa 2000. It's a matter of a few minutes to find my real name. Not 'Eddie' who is, in fact, a fictional character from Leave It to Beaver (maybe a sign of Eddie's age??)

C'mon Eddie!! PONY UP!!
On the whole carb etc thing. It's 100% misleading.

How I could cheat the results:
1) Stop creatine for a few days (a week would be ideal). I'd drop 5lbs
2) Fast for 24 hours then weigh myself then (and eat right after). Min diff 4lbs (so 9lbs running total)
3) Lie. No one has seen pics of me naked on a scale at the start nor will at the end.
4) The carb thing - WHY do so MANY on diet plans (inc me on this one) lose weight quickly right at the beginning? Cos they cut carbs. Carbs are, obviously, a way of dropping water. I could go zero carbs for a day (still lower than my usual) and see another 3lbs drop (down 12 total).

One suggestion (from someone here with a Masters no less... little clue) suggested 1200kcals (800 from protein and 400 from carbs). So all that studying and the way to lose weight is to starve yourself?? C'mon.

And finally 'losing weight'. It's up there with gaining weight. It's a misnomer. We really mean 'LOSE FAT' or 'ADD MUSCLE'. Cos 'weight' can mean a bit of both.

I've been as clear as I can with regards to doing exactly what I ought to be doing.

More steps/cardio than I usually do (which keeps me as I usually am).
Eating better (zero or nearly zero crap)
Eating less (min 800kcals less if I just ate at the targeted level - in fact many days I was far short).

And all the cries to eat more protein. It's kinda skewed. There are a bunch of other logs where almost all are hitting that number way better than me. But almost all of them are circa 50-80lbs less bodyweight than me. Most lift less. And, of course, what they want or are aiming for is NOT the same. AND I've directed said comments to the protein thread I created. While our group is kinda too small to be 'proof' how is it there's not actually much to support a 180g man hitting 300g protein when I'm 320+ barely hitting 200?? What little science there is doesn't support it. And I've even agreed that the reason why I DO support a sensible amount is we've seen again and again how poor diets are and esp on PEDs and how simply fixing it by eating circa 200g and BETTER gives awesome results for those looking to be lean and ripped.
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Busy kinda morning plus hard after a killer leg workout yesterday. @ my gym
Seated Press
Felt good (shoulders loads better at the mo) so...
to 90kg/198lbs x 4 reps (more to come)

Saxon Bar
Gonna slow progression if I stick to the slightly new schedule of 2x a week)
Last 2 sets balance seemed off (might mark the bar with tape) and needed to reset but also it ought to be tough now lol. Can't wait until I'm doing two plates a side x reps
to 92.5kg/203.5lbs x 3 h/o reps, 3 x 3 n/s reps and 4 + 1+ 1 tough reps

Weighed myself (down a few pounds even with a hoody on)
congrats mobster on your sponsor deal
you deserve it
and glad you are enjoying our para pharma products!
perfect timing on that hoodie now you can have something to wear when it cools down
The deal with XplosiveApe, as previously mentioned, is I act as a brand ambassador. The usual social media thing with discount codes. People have already said they'd buy it. It should, if it works out, make me a few bucks a month and I get two items monthly which is awesome
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