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Muscle-Depot Gone.

You are correct my friend. I never had any problems. And I know one thing for sure. When I had no freaking balls and was all dick ( I’m sure many of you guys have been there) and had no money, they sent me clomid and hcg for nothing and my balls were back and aching within a week. So for 100% I know that the pct was real. I also have a test kit and as far as underdosed? I have no idea. But the gear they sent me was always legit. The Euro Chem anyways. The only problem I had with any of their gear was the global anabolic. I have used naps and many other ugls but my go to was always them. I was just sharing my experience and staying that o hate they were done with. Sorry if anyone else had ever had a bad problem. One thing I also never do is order over seas. Everything I have ever got was always domestic. I’m not doing like the late 80’s and 90’s and having someone send me a fake seizure letter. Boys I’ve been in the game longer than most of you been alive. I know some of you aren’t fans but you can also look on evo five years ago and see how many people are digging naps. But now everyone on here got positive. Well 5 years ago I was also using naps and everything always went good for me with them also. That’s why I was saying do you research. Don’t go to one message board or forum. It’s took over 40 years for me to develop a technique of this and once I’m comfortable as I was with MD and Naps with another source. You will no longer see me again. Just like the last time I logged in hear was over 6 years ago. Good luck bros be safe and be smart. RIP Boston
Thanks man. It seems like a lot of people here didn’t like them but I posted my thoughts on another reply. If you look back at evo around 2015-16 there’s all sorts of negative feedback about naps being scammers etc. I was even using naps back then and never had a problem. That’s why I was saying to the newer guys just do your research. I’ve been doing this for over 40 years and once I have found my next go to, I shall disappear into the darkness again. That’s how it’s done fellas. Good luck and stay safe
For all the guys that are saying thanks for the info I appreciate it. I was just sharing my experience with a source and lab that is no longer available. For all the guys saying selective scammers ( I always love this one btw lol) and fake products and unapproved source. Well the only approved source for me is the one I approve. The one I do my own research on. I have been in this game since early 90’s when we used to have to go to playa del Carmen Mexico and get out own personal source and then run it back through Miami or Atlanta customs. Well most of you probably wasnt even born yet. I was not promoting anyone just sharing that I would miss them. Go back a few years ago on these boards and you’ll see nothing but negativity about naps and now it’s approved. I was using naps back then and they always was fine by me. That’s why On my original post I said be a member of ALL the message boards and steroid forums. There may be one you like and stay on more than others and mine was always Evo, but I was not exclusive to this site. The only way to do actual research is to visit and learn as much as you can about a source and lab before you buy. Also, just my opinion but I never order anything but domestic products so there will be no customs (no excuse) not to get your product. You have no business ordering from a source that you’re not sure of. Don’t take ANYONES word for it. The only approved source should be the source that you’ve done your research on and build up a trust relationship with them. I know when I had no balls and had no money MD sent me hcg and clomid and within a week my balls were back and aching. So that’s real. Anyways, I WILL find my next comfortable source and lab and then I shall fade back into the darkness again. I said this before That’s how it’s done fellas. That’s why most people get on these boards. I like to read about people like Boston and peoples experiences but for most it’s about getting a source. Stay safe and work hard bros. Good luck to all of you.
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