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Muscle soreness from injecting test e

We need all the information on you, including diet, training cardio, sleep supplements, and all that good stuff.
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Yes, we like to push people to put up logs. I think it's in your best interest and will help us aid you more.
I think injecting in your legs can be, okay. It just depends on if you're doing it properly.

Make sure you get a log up so we can track your injections.
bros log this one
can be a good one. maybe your allergic, maybe not
maybe its bad gear. No way for us to know without seeing Every Day's progress.
I never do quads they are know for hurting after injection
I’ve injected my right and left thighs with .6ml of test e this week 3 days apart and the pain the next day makes it hard to walk. Am I doing something wrong?

Thigh injection that goes past the skin layer all the way down to your muscles, where most of the biggest blood vessels are. This is often used for the intravascular delivery of AAS. Your muscles are made up of fibers, so when a needle punctures the muscle, it breaks muscle fibers and creates muscle damage, which can cause pain during the injection. After the injection, your body releases a response that causes post-injection inflammation because of these broken muscle fibers. While your muscle fibers repair themselves, you can experience post-injection inflammation that can trigger pain receptors.

On the other hand, BA/BB% concentration can also cause PIP. I would use warm cloth to reduce site pain, and take Tylenol or Ibuprofen to ease the pain.

I would avoid quads or thigh injections if possible.

Focus on rear Deltoids or Gluteus Medius or Gluteus Maximus

That can ease the PIP after the administering the solution,
log journals are essential so we can help you most
Without knowing everything about you. How can we give you honest advice?
In this case easily. It's about where he injected
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