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Approved Log My 2023 Testosterone Masteron Trenbolone Cycle Log

As much as I like coaching do NOT over rely on them - YOU do the work
Oh. But I do rely 100 percent on him. Without a PT I will not know what to do from day to day I will not push hard I’ll just do light weights, and rush through it and really I’ll just stop going to the gym at all within a couple weeks. Unlike all of you, I do not like doing this work. I don’t like being in a gym full of people alone either.i do half the work I do with train. Then within 6 months I’ll be a fat 225 pound blob of fast food.

1 I generally hire trainers who are good looking. This motivated a me to show so I can see them and have sone to talk to. My husband doesn’t talk to me much cuz I I’m too chatty.

My history with working out has always been “ I’m broke or poor but come into a grand of extra cash or so so I decide to hire someone. Then I do four months and the money runs out. And that’s it back to partying and junk food. I’ve been doing that since my first one in 1989.

1989 4 months
2006 4 months
2007 1 month didn’t like him
2017 5 months
2019 3 months
2020 2 years
2023 1 year current

I’m between those Nothing just kink and party. And fat fat fat

So I don’t dare not have PT or I’ll be throwing away the roughly 30 grand I’ve spent on trainers supps and memberships the last three years down the tubes.

I have to have him. 🤷 Luckily I can somewhat afford it now but it’s a huge strain on the monthly budget 820 a month but id spend that Eating out anyway I don’t like working out I’m doing cuz I’m terrified of aging and being ignored by my peers who want younger prettier guys. I don’t want to be invisible. I want to be looked at and touched and desired so, my fur and some muscle is working so far. But for how long? .
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If you stop the junk food and partying you'll save a fortune
that's why this log is important we're like your coaches on here and we keep you motivated
use this log as motivation that's the key
If you stop the junk food and partying you'll save a fortune
Yes Sir can reduce not stop entirely I mean the whole point of training is to increase and enhance my social life. And to get more 🍑. I don’t drink much maybe 1-2 drinks a week really at most. That’s just part of going out to brunch To vacations and to my usual Sunday afternoon at Eagle when possible.

And now I’m going to these parties as well ( dance/sex parties) these are a things I missed out on beifre and now I look good and they want me. So I’m living for that

I love my social life. It is the entire pint of living.
use this log as motivation that's the key
I absolutely do Sir. Being has honestly change my life progress and outlook. In fact I have completely neglected all the boys on the four hook up apps I use to be here instead to keep me in line. Plus you are all much nicer than those gay bitches . Seriously nicer. But I also gotta have 🍑 at least twice a week so that’s why I’m training.
But I’m not trading for bb competition I’m just training to look good in a tank top and to stay visible before they start ignoring me. I suppose if I worked harder they’d pay more attention though.
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if you fall behind on this you'll end up getting fat quickly
Yes Sir that’s why I don’t dare give up having a trainer I know exactly what will happen.
Being and setting goals helps a lot.
I have that muscle party event coming up May 31 gotta look good. In fact I want to join in the pose down just to see what happens.

Then I have Palm Springs in June I go there to fk in the desert instead by the bay lol.

You see what motivates me🤷

I like subs they need something to serve and Worship so I am obligated to bring some muscle to that. It’s not mandatory but it gets me to the front of the line.
I very much enjoy the attention I get now, imagine how much better it will be as I get bigger.

You all think I’m weird huh😂 it’s ok I’m just telling the truth
Nice job on the walk that is pretty good five kilometers that's over three miles
Yes Sir working 5a-3 To day but I’m going to walk when I get home. I may not be able to walk ina nice place to show you pics Just my neighborhood. But as long as I do it ( having nice pics to post here is another motivation 😘
that's why this log is important we're like your coaches on here and we keep you motivated
You do help so much for sure Sir. And I don’t want to fail and be a loser in front of a bunch of real Bros lol. 😂
you know how many people read your log every day on here? Look at the stats
Ok BroBros how much water does everyone drink

My goal is 100 ounces per day. I’ve been way short on that time to focus again.
you are a winner already your log is already over 100 pages and look how many views you have
Thanks Sir😘 I never checked my views.

But I do want to have a nice shredded ( not huge but at least cut and defined) bidy to show off here so you can see how much your support help me achieve .

These are now. I expect noticeable change in time for the muscle party I have 38 to cut that belly tight and define the chest and arms


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